i can hook up the wireless to the dialup line

i called the chapel yesterday and asked about Y-FY access there. they don’t have it. so i asked if they have broadband in their office and will allow us to hook up a wireless network the day of the wedding.

they only have dialup.

so it looks like no liveblog of the wedding. evil fake sarahk will still have a laptop and liveblog the wedding (and reception), but we’ll have to post the liveblog after the wedding is over, or when we get back to Florida, if our hotel room doesn’t have high-speed internet access.

i’m kinda bummed about this. i looked into the Verizon broadband card, but paying $100 for the card and another $60 for access (not to mention the 2-year contract) is a little ridiculous, even for me.


4 Responses to i can hook up the wireless to the dialup line

  1. have someone wardrive the area around the chapel and see if there are some unprotected wireless networks out there.

    um… not that I condone wardriving or anything. but during hurricane season last year, we took my iBook and drove around until we found someplace with unprotected wireless so I could update my blog while we were without power for days and days and days.

  2. Or you could just call off the wedding…

  3. Take a computer with a modem and make it into a router. Put in a network card and turn on Internet Connection Sharing (Windows 98SE and above.) Connect the wireless AP to the network card of the PC, configure the PC, the AP and the laptop with fake IP numbers (, .2, .3), set the DNS numbers on the laptop, set the gateway for the wireless on the laptop to the IP number of the desktop and you would be in bidness.

  4. in english that means…