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  1. Uh oh…. I see lots of Bridezillas… does that mean something went wrong?

  2. aw, just a few more hours. good luck!

  3. Oh goody! I was hoping someone was going to live-blog the wedding! Wow, great dress!

  4. As much as the Bridezillas made me laugh — we want real pictures please………

    Hope that you two had a beautiful (and blogable) day! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. F!

  5. Ahh – wouldn’t that be Mr. & Mrs. J. ?

  6. did you go through with it?
    bow chicka bow bow

  7. Congratulations On Your Nuptuals, Sarah!!!

    Does this mean I call you SarahK ot SarahJ?

    It’s going to be a hard habit to break.


  8. And a ‘happily ever after’ to you and Frank!

  9. muzilla!

    (and yes, I still say MUSE! every time I hit that button)

  10. heh heh, you said “Mr. F.”