home at last

sorry we’ve been incomunicado for the week… we had no internet where we were staying, and the Kinkos hell was so not worth it to get a t-mobile Hot Spot (more on that when i tell y’all about sobbing bridal breakdown #1 later).

we got home about an hour ago from the Pereiraville shuttle.

we did the important stuff (opened wedding gifts that arrived while we were gone — the housesitter had warned us that our kitchen looked like a warehouse) and now Frank’s in bed, i’m up looking for his birth certificate so we can stop freaking out, because if he doesn’t have that, he can’t go on the cruise with me, and i really would like to go with my husband and not by myself. i hope to find it before he wakes in the morning so he can have a good day tomorrow.

btw, speaking of gifts, we got those fabulous sconces from Bombay (yay!), but since they were shipped from Bombay and not from Amazon, there is absolutely no indication of who sent them. so if that was you, could you shoot me an email so i can know who to thank? also, we got the turkey baster & brush (yay again!), same thing, from an outside vendor… so if that was you, can you let me know? thanks!

i have so much to talk about and blog about, and this week all i have to do is get us ready to go cruisin’, so expect much…

but expect it later. say, after noon tomorrow, because i’m going back to bed after hubby leaves for work in the morning.

feels really good to call him my husband.

there are lots of pictures already out on the internets, thanks to cadet and iowasoccermom and rachel and jim. lots of pictures also posted by cadet at IMAO. also, Spoons came out of blogging retirement (hey, now he can have a Farewell Tour #2) to blog about his trip to Texas for the wedding. so far Jeffrey‘s been silent, but he hasn’t blogged since 1 Nov anyway (i got to meet his sweet wife at the wedding). i really would take the time to post permalinks to them if i wasn’t tired and panicked about Frank’s birth certificate.

the cats knocked down the Christmas tree while we were gone, and the housesitter said he came in one day and found they had pulled all the bead strands off the Christmas tree and hung them over the couches like trip wires. i knew it would happen eventually.

nighty night.

11 Responses to home at last

  1. Congratulations!

    I wish you and Frank the best.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. wow, you are up late! hope you find that birth certificate. it’s always nice to take the hubby on the honeymoon! much congrats, looks like it was a lovely wedding. oh, and try not to be too giddy with your happy newlywed bliss stuff – you’ll make all us old “honeymoon-over” married folks feel bad ;) or maybe it’ll inspire us to put a little romance back into our lives.

  3. Congratulations Mrs. J!

    Good luck on finding that birth certificate. (If you can’t, just grab one of those old Cabbage Patch Kid Birth Certificates, and cross out the name and write in “Frank J.” The room temperature IQ’s at Carnival Cruise won’t know the difference. They hired Kathy Lee Gifford for cripes sake.)

    Frank’s got to go to work after all his adventures this weekend? That stinks, but after the stress of getting hitched, it should feel like a vacation.

    Now that you’re married, you can let yourself go and enjoy the cruise. Knock back a few baby back ribs for me.


  4. congratulations your married married married!
    husband & wife sounds so nice : )
    happy honeymooning!

  5. I am impressed that you are blogging after being hitched only two days! That is dedication, girl! Cruising sounds like fun, have a wonderful time! And yay, no more bridezilla moments!

  6. Congratulations!

  7. Congratulation Sarah and Frank! The wedding was beautiful, and so are you! Now, get off the computer, and have a great time on your cruise! ( And remember to get me an autograph of you know who!! :) Love you both!!!— oh, just to let you know, Birkermommy and I had a great time loading your wedding gifts in our cars!!–not really :)

  8. Andrew Shimmin

    Congratulations. I can’t remember ever having been more happy for two people I didn’t know. 8^)

  9. never turn your back on a cat.


  10. never turn your back on the cats.