a quick post just to say i heart y’all

ok, so we’re on the Disney Magic, having a magical time. we’ve just arrived back in our room after dinner at Palo, the super-fancy restaurant on the ship, and i notice there’s a message on our phone. so Frank plays it on speaker phone, and i hear this:

FRANKIE’S MOM: Hi Frankie and SarahK. Frankie, it’s your mom. I saw your rash on the internet–

ok, i just burst out laughing at this point, because i knew that this had to be the work of cadet happy. the message continues…

FRANKIE’S MOM: I hope it’s getting better and that it’s not keeping you guys from having a good time.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! i’m sooooo deducting the time for the phone call back to Frank’s mom from Kevin’s pay. that’s $14 just to say, “no, mom, i don’t have a rash. i suspect cadet happy.”

anyway, we’re having a wonderful time on our 7-night western Caribbean cruise. right now, pirates are attacking the ship (no kidding), we have a monkey made of towels hanging from our verandah curtains.

today we were in Costa Maya, and Frank got his “Man With No Name” poncho, and i bought a $40 vase that would have been $20 at Hobby Lobby on a half-off sale, but i wouldn’t be able to say i bought it in Mexico. we also watched Chronicles of Narnia on the ship this afternoon.

yesterday we snorkeled with the stingrays in Grand Cayman. Frank even held one, and i petted it.

Monday we kayaked in Key West and had a great Sloppy Joe at Sloppy Joe’s. we also posed for pictures for this 3D cube, and we got that back tonight. so now our faces are laser-etched in glass cubes that we’re bringing home with us.

tomorrow we’re getting massages at sea, and tomorrow night is a semi-formal dinner (formal was Monday). we have great dinner mates. Phyllis and “Hank” are exactly the people we’ll be at their age (which is at least 10 years older than us), except that we’ll retire to Flagstaff instead of Maryland. and Will and Ashley are very nice, though i think i scare them with all my loudness. they’re freshly engaged.

we’ve been listening to Bobby Hamilton on the piano all week in this super-quiet lounge where kids are not allowed (yay!!!). right now we’re another place where kids aren’t allowed.

we’re on our honeymoon, so we’ve spent a lot of time in our room (bowchickabowwow).

we’re having so much fun. one more stop, the Bahamas, and then we’ll get to see how much of the house the kitties have destroyed while we’re gone. and we’ll get to see our karaoke machine again. oh yeah. we did karaoke one night too. we were good.

ok, my hubby is acting like i should stop spending $.75 / minute to blog, so i’ll talk to you musees in a few days. we’ll be home Saturday.

y’all be good.

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  1. Kudos to Frank on snapping the bogey. Considering how far away it was and what little time he had, he really made the most from a very small opportunity. Really quick thinking on those multiple clicks. Well done.

    You might want to contact Peter Davenport of http://www.nuforc.org/ as to having the photo analyzed. If he doesn’t do that sort of thing himself, I think he would know someone good who does. I’ll bet they’d be interested in all your impressions at the time – e.g., Frank’s mention of the “sonic wave,” and “pushing air.” I think that sometimes, such little tidbits of info help them come up with conventional explanations for what had seemed to be extraordinary.

    One of Frank’s posters used the pseudonym “Curtis LeMay.” He was a famous Air Force (formerly Army Air Corps) general who believed flying saucers to be real, and thought that the government was not telling him all they knew.

    Flying saucers indeed probably are real, and probably do come from one or more other star systems; anyone who thinks otherwise either isn’t familiar with the evidence, or is letting his prejudices interfere with his objective judgment. Besides which, I believe that the most advanced, publicly revealed human-built flying machines are at least thirty years old; and who knows what secret stuff we’ve come up with in the past thirty years?

    So what did you and Frank see? One of Ours? One of Theirs? Some conventional atmospheric anomaly? I dunno. I’ve never had a sighting myself, but I sure wish I had.

  2. Roger…you need to go to IMAO today. I call those scoundrels “Dead Men Walking”. But I do believe as well. In God and spacecraft. Why not? Bible doesn’t say either way on the alien thing.

    Sarah…I am so glad that Frank doesn’t have sea lice, that Disney does indeed say “Merry Christmas” and that Frank doesn’t dress up as Captain Hook for “marital bliss time” (or does he?)…I am still laughing my butt off about the hijacking of IMAO….they did Frankie wrong…but oh it was so funny!!!!!!!!!!

    See…I didn’t call you…although your crazy Aunt Wanda called me to make sure you didn’t end your trip early and try flying back on the Bahamian plane that crashed.

    I am so proud of you and the stingrays!!!! Aren’t they magnificent??

  3. Karaoke machine? What karaoke machine?

  4. Hey, I almost met ya!

    I, too, was on a Western Carb cruise this month, from the 5th to the 18th. When I was in Costa Maya, I beleive there was a Disney ship in. Same with the Caymans, there were six ships in port that day! I was on the Galaxy (celebrity lines). I was in Puerto Maya on Dec 8th, and the Caymans on Dec 14th.

    Hope you had an awsome time..

  5. Oy, Bikermommy! They got me! No sweat. It’s all in good fun.

    Of course I BELIEVE in God. But with UFOs, the issue isn’t belief, but evidence. You go where the evidence leads you. Consider all the professional pilots and crews – military and commercial – who’ve come nose to nose with these things, with ground radar confirmation.

    The only thing you can find out about UFOs is that they’re probably real. You can’t learn anything that you really want to know – what “they”‘re like, where they’re from, how they got here, why they’re here.

    Most UFO stuff out there is ridiculous, and most of the people pushing it are ridiculous and/or fraudulent. Don’t EVER go to a UFO convention! But a few years ago, I was very fortunate in attending a symposium near home, at George Washington University in D.C., to hear scientific heavy hitters like Dr. Sturrock, Dr. Haisch, and Dr. Kaku discuss the subject. They wouldn’t come right out and say that flying saucers are real – after all, how could they know for sure – but they seemed pretty convinced.

    At his website, http://www.ufoskeptic.org/, Dr. Haisch says some amazing things for a mainstream scientist. But it’s the same sort of stuff I’ve heard in person, from many military people of my acquaintance, over the years.

    If you want more nonmoonbat sources, let me know.

  6. yippee a happy and funtastic honeymoon, and sea lice free!!!
    I am never quite sure if its the real Frank posting over there since you guys left, I’ll just assume not until after the holidays, but it is funny reading.

  7. Glad you two are having a great time. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

  8. So glad you two are having fun…. :) Merry Christmas!

  9. Not even a little sea lice?

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