Merry Christmas y’all!!

you know what makes Christmas special?

my new .38 special!! (and he got me Hogue rubber grips!)

this is an awesome Christmas. because this is our first married Christmas, and we have our first tree, and we got back from our honeymoon on Christmas Eve. it’s kinda weird not seeing my family, but now i’m with my new family. :-) the kitties have even been all snuggly and stuff. we’ll go to worship this morning, as on every other Sunday, and when we get home, i’ll make jambalaya and fudge.

once again, Frank got me way better presents than i got him. i got my new pop-pop (with carry ammo and snap-caps), first 3 seasons of CSI Miami, Harry Potter 1 soundtrack, Iron Giant, and lots of cool stocking stuffers (including Preparation H, because he’s sometimes a pain in the pinkytoe and doesn’t want to change, haha). Frank got the Aliens 9-disc collection, Serenity (ok yeah, that’s more for both of us), Linkin Park cd, Prince of Persia video game, Simpsons season 7, and new hollow points for his bang-bang (but that was really penance for us having to give up the others at the airport). and i got him new ammo for home defense for the .45s (once again, penance), some great Christmas boxers, and other stuff. the stuff that’s lost in the mail is the NHL 2006 game (both of us), Animatrix, and Johnny Cash Live at Folsom Prison.

Frank says the gun he got me is more like an appliance than a gift. yeah, ok whatever.

from our parents, we got cool stuff too. Victoria’s Secret PJs (for me, super comfy, i wore them all week on the ship), Frank got new Curve cologne (he smells yummy), we got our new luggage (which is awesome, we used all 5 pieces on the cruise), a first Christmas ornament engraved with our names, and his mom sent us a gift basket of adorable gifts. plus, we got two awesome gift baskets from Joe Foo’ & Denise, who drew our names.

we’re going to start campaigning now for having Christmas at our place next year.

6 Responses to Merry Christmas y’all!!

  1. What, you got something against LadySmiths? Taurus makes a nice servicable piece, but isn’t that a ferrin gun?

    Merry Christmas

    What the F is a Festivus?

  2. Ferdinand and Miranda played chess as a SUBSTITUTE for kisslings and snuggedees.

    Why don’t we ever talk about Shakespeare, or flying saucers, or rugby, or other stuff that interests ME?

    I do love you, though you never say you love me. Now it doesn’t matter how attracted to me you are, since you’re bound by your vows.

    Merry Christmas. Start your cicuit training tomorrow.

  3. I’m so happy for you guys!
    Have a safe, blessed and merry Christmas! :)

  4. i would think it would be a lot more fun to go up to idaho, with the snow and all, for xmas — but hey, that’s just me

  5. Why on earth do you need hollow-point bullets?

  6. very happy with my Taurus .38

    it’s got rosewood grips, I think you will like the rubber grips better. as you know by now, little thing has a bit of a pop to it, and after about 50 rounds your hand starts smartin