really tired

massage… i had my massage yesterday morning, and it was good. my shoulders were tight. i told Vickie that i was probably going to move to a 3 week schedule instead of every 2 weeks, because i can’t really justify going so often. of course, that was right before she got to my shoulders and i couldn’t believe how bad they were. then we went to the calendar, and it was going to be 3.5 weeks before she could get me in on the new schedule, so i went for 2.5 weeks instead. 3.5 weeks is an awful long time.. oh well, i tried, right?

cleanliness is next to friendliness… so we were having guests today. so i cleaned for a long time yesterday. and Frank was sweet enough to go pick up the Indian food so i could keep cleaning. i’ll tell ya, it’s really nice having vacuumed floors. there’s just something calming about that. growing up, my mom had us on a schedule. Mon-Wed-Fri were vacuum days. i’m thinking since there are zero kids but 2 cats here, i’ll go for Tues-Fri and get on a schedule… dusting is great too. well, the dusting itself is horrible, because i’m severely allergic to dust mites and the dust masks that i bought once made my face itch. i dusted the livingroom fan and all the furniture in the common areas. it’s nice. i also rearranged a lot of decorations and pulled some out of the closet that have just been begging to come out. and i got our 3D cube from the cruise mounted in the livingroom. i can’t stop looking at it!

tricksy Pereiras… Jim & Rachel called just as i finished mopping the kitchen (no sense doing that last night, would have been un-mopped by morning). they told Frank they were lost, and i thought yay! i can shower before they get here! (i was stinky and sweaty and dusty.) so then the doorbell rang while Frank was still on the phone, and the liars were at the door. i grabbed the karaoke machine from Rachel, tossed her tiara at her, and said, “bye! nice to see you!” and slammed the door in their faces. suckers! they broke a window to get back inside, so the joke was on us. i’m charging them for the window, though. then Rachel insisted on the full tour, even though i told her she was only allowed in the common areas. she pretty much just waltzed right on into our bedroom. i sent the boys to the store for oyster stew ingredients, and i showered while Rachel stole all our credit card information and searched the couch cushions for loose change.

note to self… yeah. so last time i made oyster stew, i used a pint of fat-free half and half and a pint of regular H&H. couldn’t tell any difference, so this time, i had Frank get all fat-free H&H. after i’d done everything except add the oysters, i tested it. oh wow, who poured a cup of sugar in my stew? it was awful. tasted like dessert. Dear Self, if it calls for half and half… and speaking of dessert, i wanted to make some, so i looked up my grandma’s recipe for Texas Millionheir Pie, and Rachel and i went to the store for the ingredients, plus real half and half.

better… the miscreants (Jim, Rachel, and Frank) played the karaoke game and the bongos game while i cooked Stew 2.0. i could hear lots of laughter from the livingroom, so i told Frank he was allowing our guests too much fun and should make them do calisthenics. Stew 2.0 was way better, and after stew we had the pie. it’s the first time i made it, and it tasted just like it’s supposed to, so yay. while we ate on TV trays, since we don’t eat at the table and neither do our guests, we watched DVR’d eps of The Office and Numb3rs. then our guests left, giving us some excuse about picking up Jim’s daughter.

nappy… we fell right into bed, at 5:30 or so, because we both needed naps. about 15 minutes later, Rachel called and said that Jim couldn’t pick up his daughter tonight, so would we like to meet them for a movie. it was a great conversation, because a sleeping Frank answered the phone. (paraphrased.)

FRANK: hello????
RACHEL: hey! Jim can’t pick up Rachel. do y’all want to see a movie in Melbourne?
FRANK: do we want to see a movie?? no, we don’t want to see a movie.
RACHEL: did i wake you???
FRANK: yeah, we’re taking a nap.
SARAHK: tell them they’re welcome to come back over.
FRANK: you’re welcome to come back over.
RACHEL: (talking to Jim)
RACHEL: no, that’s ok. we’ll talk to you later!

the queen of perk… after our nap, i opened our card from our new friends, Martha & Hank from the cruise. she sent pictures and a fun and sweet card. we adore these people. i can’t wait to send snail mail back. she’s our first 39¢ stamp, too!

and that’s that.

10 Responses to really tired

  1. I can’t wait to blog about all the new stuff I just ordered online from all my favorite super-expensive stores with my newly-acquired credit cards! I bought a pack of bubble gum with my newly-acquire loose change. Ha ha! Enjoy your free “air coniditioning” through your non-existant kitchen window. SUCKERS!

  2. the spelling errors are because I’m just so giddy with glee at all my purchases with your credit cards!

  3. SarahK is too organized with the cleaning! Seriously, my apartment is always a shambles because… ::fumbling wildly for an excuse::

    Because it rains a lot here and also we don’t have space to store stuff.

    Okay, lame excuse.

    Would you consider a public service and post a sample cleaning schedule? I never thought of vacuuming 3 times a week. I thought you just vacuum when you see chunks on the floor. :-)

  4. Bwah-ha-ha-ha! Now we have HDTV too!

  5. “i got our 3D cube from the cruise mounted in the livingroom”

    “3D” and “cube” is a bit redundant don’t ya think :D

    and when r we going to see pictures of this thing?!

  6. Maybe if you didn’t nap so much you’d have better luck sleeping through the night… Also, why would anyone buy fat free half and half? If real half and half is cream and whole milk, can you explain to me what is in the fat free version? Doesn’t cream, by nature, have fat in it?

    Also, maybe Frank put a cup of sugar in your stew. He could be trying to send you a message…

  7. Punctual guests! I HATE IT when that happens! Why can’t they show up an hour late like everybody else? Who do they think they are?

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