our day at Disney World

we drove to Animal Kingdom with the plans of staying there until 5 and then hopping over to Epcot for dinner. the whole drive there, it rained, and both of us thought we should turn back, though neither of us mentioned it.

when we got to the parking lot and parked, we discussed things for a moment and then switched seats so hubby could drive home.

it was a nice little 2 hour outing. Glenn Beck on the way there, Rush on the way back. and now we’re going to watch DVDs and play chess while the candles burn all around us, and i do mean all around us. and it’s thundering and raining. my favorite kind of day.

5 Responses to our day at Disney World

  1. I’m sorry it rained on your parade.

  2. Sounds like wonderful day!

  3. Candles are expensive…

  4. Awwwwww… That sounds wonderful! :)

  5. What can I say?—Disney ( or the thought of ) and rain in one day!! How wonderful! Please send some rain toward west Texas!! I’m stuck here reading your blog, but if were raining I could be out dancing in it!