sex on ice skates

really, that’s all the Olympic “sport” of ice dancing is. the skaters spend most of the time on the ice striking various DOING IT poses. and they wear the stupidest outfits, even stupider than figure skater outfits. usually i just delete the program as soon as i see that it’s ice dancing. but on Fox & Friends this morning, they were talking about how they all fell on their faces last night and couples were getting ticked off at each other, so i’m all in and watching so i can see the train wreck too.

btw, if there are any ice dancing pairs who claim they aren’t couples off the ice, their spouses can take that one all the way to the bank with their Monopoly money. because yeah rrrrrriiiiiiight.

4 Responses to sex on ice skates

  1. So many things I could say, shame none of them belong in a public like this :)

  2. They’re usually only fooling around if they’re married. Otherwise, the guy’s gay.

  3. Actually, I don’t doubt a bit that a number of them are *not* couples off of the ice. Watch them closely, you can tell which is which. That’s half the fun, at least.

  4. I’m a busy man and didn’t have time to read the more than just the topic. I know you guys are newlyweds, but that sounds dangerous. Just be sure to stretch first. Crazy kids.