i wonder if i’m secretly paranoid

or if someone is pregnant.

i had a dream the other night that one of my friends was standing in our kitchen. i was helping her with an IV, she was apparently sick. blood was backing up into the IV, so i was raising her arm to help it get going the right way. just as an air bubble (i really don’t know where this stuff comes from) was about to reach her armpit (because see, the IV was feeding straight into her armpit), i saw the bubble. i opened my mouth to say something, and the air bubble went right in. i heard a deflating noise, and my friend just deflated.
weird, huh?

i don’t know if i dreamed that because i’m remotely paranoid that i’m gonna screw up one of my injections that i’ll be doing every night for the rest of my life… once the needle is primed, i’m guessing it would be really hard to screw that up. so as long as i get the priming right every 30 days, i should be good, right?
or they do say that when you dream someone dies, someone is pregnant.

7 Responses to i wonder if i’m secretly paranoid

  1. desperately seeking baby

    oooh…. pick me, pick me… for the pregnant thing.
    that would be so great.
    to dream the impossible dream…

  2. Who might that be?

  3. I’ve never heard that Old Wives’ Tale.

  4. You tell me to have a nice day.
    What if I have other plans?

  5. deflated dreamer

    should i be worried you’re
    (1) dreaming of me
    (2) dreaming me deflated (dead?)

    or, maybe this will be the month I discover I’m pregnant?

  6. Ohhh! First a puppy, then a baby! :) That works!

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