laundry baskets keep falling on my head

Dear Self,

It hurts when laundry baskets whack you on the back of the head, so maybe don’t leave them on the back of the couch while you check your email.

Also, never ever try to feed half a brisket down the garbage disposal. Even running hot water, you will lose the battle and not have use of your sink for about a day while the Drano works its magic.



3 Responses to laundry baskets keep falling on my head

  1. Hmmm…. don’t you have a live-in garbage disposal now that won’t clog up? I mean the brown one that woofs, not FrankJ. :)

  2. Um, you know you’re not supposed to put meat down the disposal, don’t you? That’s for vegetable matter and dairy, but definitely not meat. Among other reasons, it will wear out the motor, and the lipids from the meat stick around in the drain for a long time without washing away.

    No doubt Rowdi would be delighted with some brisket. And that would be way better than putting it in the disposal.

  3. i couldn’t feed the brisket to Rowdi, because 1) it was moldy. that’s why it was being disposed. 2) it was cooked in several things, including onion salt, and you can’t feed onion salt to a dog, as onions are toxic to them.

    and no, that’s why the note to self. i didn’t know the part about putting meat down the disposal. i know now.