taking a break

to tell y’all how much i’ve missed Natalie Merchant.

i never owned a Natalie Merchant CD (nor paid much attention to her) until late 2003 / early 2004 when i was living in my Bedford apartment and listening to anything i ever heard on ALIAS as much as i could.

i’ve been lazy about music ever since my laptop bit the dust. all my music is loaded there, and that just makes everything so much easier. the laptop has been repaired, but i wasn’t about to send my laptop in for repairs with the hard drive, so i took it out. who knows where i put the screws. so far my search for new screws has been unsuccessful.

anyway, i found my Ophelia CD in a box yesterday and popped it in. i’ve listened to it once yesterday and twice today. i can’t wait to get my computer back on so i can have all my music back. yes, i have all the CDs, but it’s so much easier with my playlists and scrollbars. i’m getting pretty motivated now that Natalie’s sang some hippy songs for me, though.

2 Responses to taking a break

  1. What’s the model of laptop? I work for a fairly large company with lots of spare parts. We might have some extra “fasteners” around here.

  2. I’m an old fuddy-duddy that doesn’t load music onto my computer. I do listen to podcasts and music videos over the net so I have the software, just never got into using my computer to manage my music.