TxDan is sending me new screws for my laptop! Once I can hold the harddrive in, I can actually use it and access all my pictures! Including all the cute ones of me & Frank when we were long-distance dating.

3 Responses to awesome!

  1. As I said, I never once accused you of mistreating the dog.

    And maybe I overreacted to Randy, and I owe him an apology. So I apologize. I guess he conjured up – not his fault – my own demons, from when my dogs – at 15 – got to the point where the only relief they got was from sleeping. And finally, there was nothing I could do anymore to stop their pain. So I killed them – oops, excuse me, I put them to sleep.

    I’m being stupid. They lived long and happy lives. And when you get pets, you know the rules. Besides, there’s so much human misery in the world, it’s silly to cry over animals. But I do.

    Once again, Randy, I apologize.

  2. For the record, let me state that I do truly believe, without equivocation or reservation, that Sarah would never mistreat her dog, or fail to do what is best for her dog. It’s too much to expect that she also love the d— thing, so I won’t ask for that.

    How come you’re not yelling at Gullyborg? She was just as hard on you as I was. Anyway, this is all her fault. I thought I was overreacting until I read her post; I only chimed in after I saw what she wrote. So go beat on her for awhile.

  3. So you never did find the screws?? Wow.