foregone conclusion

grr. my horrible migraine finally kicked around 8:00 tonight, for what?

next week, American Idol is going to be incredibly boring and predictable. the pressure will get to Katharine, she’ll completely crumble. it made Carrie crumble, and she was way more solid than Kat’s ever been. Taylor will be Taylor and win it all.

i cried at least two tears when Elliott left. couldn’t even dance to “Bad Day”. i mean, my shoulders started to move at the chorus, but i willed them to stop. i haven’t been this sad since Mandisa went home.

pathetic, me getting all upset over a TV show. and the future of pop music and whatnot.

at least ALIAS was full of Rambaldi and Vaughn and Mistuh Sahhk (thump thump).

2 Responses to foregone conclusion

  1. Sarah,

    I really think you have way too much invested in the outcome of American Idol. But, even if I don’t agree with you (rooting for Katherine) I think you are funny. Good luck with the “sleep” study.

  2. I said it before, but this time I mean it.

    I’m never going to watch that show again. Lately, I got sucked in to watching it somehow, but it won’t happen again. I can’t believe Elliot got sent home. It’s just wrong. I voted for him at least 10 times.

    Katherine gets to stay. Bah!