we’re now a two laptop family again!

I haven’t had a laptop since last March when I finally gave up on the power source of my Vaio (may I just take this opportunity to reiterate in no uncertain terms that Sony sucks eggs – I will never buy another Sony product for the rest of my life unless Ericsson is tagged on the end of the name.). So 15 months later, after mucho help from _Jon, and hardware received from TxDan and NewEgg, we are back up.

This sucker smokes Frank’s laptop any day of the week. 60 gigs (w/ 7200 rpms), 512 megs, 2.8 gigahertz, P4… I always hated this computer for the clunky power cord (I swear it weighs more than the machine), the super-loud fans, the sucky battery life, and the weight (feels like I’m carrying around an extra thigh). But I always loved it for its speed, touchpad, keyboard, and storage capacity.

So yay! After the horrible day I had, I wasn’t going to bed before this baby was up and running.

It’s been a really rough day. It just went downhill after the massage and the receipt of the fitting screws for the machine… The endocrinologist debacle, the dog was behaving horribly and after crying for 2 straight hours, I was not in the mood for her crap… We couldn’t get the mounting bracket off the old harddrive and couldn’t get past the DVD drive to get to the place where certain computer screws are currently lodged in the casing… Oh, and now we have an air conditioner leak. My boxes that are still in the garage? Soggy. And who knows how much this repair will cost us.

So I needed this computer running. And now I need sleep, because my eyes are dry and closing.

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