The Big Three Oh

Here it is. Happy Birthday to me.

Funny how most days I can’t drag myself out of bed until 7:30, but today, I woke up at 5:50 before the alarm, and when Frank came back from the bathroom, I was wide awake and said, “I want my presents!” I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t take a beta blocker last night (weaning off, every other night).

Of course, he made me wait until 6:30, the big meanie. He got me lots of cool stuff, including the Battlestar Galactica season 1 soundtrack that’s playing right now. And this weekend, we’re going hiking for the first time since our first date to the Grand Canyon. Yes, in Florida in July. We don’t care, we can handle it. We think.

Anyway, today I’m going to walk the dog, shower, clean a little, wait for the Fed-Ex guy, take Frank his lunch, go shopping with all my wonderful gift cards, get a pedicure, and go to Bible study. I may insist upon sushi for dinner, because I don’t want to cook on my birthday. Oh, I also refuse to go to Curves on my birthday. I went yesterday, so I can go Thurs-Fri-Sat and still get in 4 days.

33 Responses to The Big Three Oh

  1. Happy birthday! Welcome to the old-age club.

  2. in the spirit of Chopin’s Funeral March:

    Happy birthday.
    Happy birthday.
    Misery is in the air.
    People dying everywhere.
    Happy birthday.

    You know, just in case my cell phone was too staticy when I called and made your ears bleed!

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear daughter
    Wish I could be there with you!

    Love you….your mudder

  4. You are exactly one year and one month older than me. (Me, Aug. 19, 1977)

    So… next year and one month from now… I’ll turn the big three oh. Oh no! :(

  5. Happy Birthday to the Lovely and Talented SarahK!!! Many happy returns! Hope the the entire day is everything you could want for it to be the Best Day Ever(tm by Lileks).

    The BSG soundtrack is pretty good–I can’t believe they’re making us wait until October for more! Arghhhhh!

  6. Happy Birthday, Sarak! Welcome to your 30′s! :)

  7. Oh, I left the H out of your name.. :(

  8. A happy happy birthday to you!


    30? Yeah, personally, I thought it was a GREAT year! I think you’re gonna love it!!!

  10. Happy B-day! :)

  11. Happy b’day S’k!

  12. Happy Happy Birthday! (I know I already said it – but more happy is always a good thing…) ; )

  13. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! :-)

  14. Well, a very happy birthday to you! And I hope you get to eat sushi…everyone should have the option of sushi on their birthday, it should be a law. Anyway, God bless!

  15. lottiedottie

    happy birthday!! and don’t worry about turing 30 because you know what they say – 30 is the new 20!

  16. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your shopping and sushi!

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  18. Happy Birthday, blog-step-mom!!

  19. Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful day! =)

    I hit 3-0 on December 7th…YIKES!

  20. Happy Birthday to you!

  21. RightWingDuck

    Happy B-Day Blog Momma.

    My how the time flies. All sorts of good things have happened to you in the last few years.

    Life is good.

  22. Happy Birthday SarahK! Have a great day!

  23. Happy Birthday. And as always, my present is that I WON’T sing the happy birtday song!

  24. Happy Big-Round-Number Birthday kid! Cheers from someone whose age will never start with the same number as yours. Unless you make it to 100 and I make it to 112, and I eat way too much red meat for that to happen.

  25. Hope you had a happy birthday. All my best wishes for happiness in the coming year.

  26. Happy (almost belated) Birthday!

    30 is so young. I hope you had a wonderful day and wish you nothing but joy and happiness in the coming year.

  27. maggie katzen

    Happy Birthday!

  28. i forgot to comment yesterday! so sorry. happy birthday my sweet sweet mamacita! 30 isn’t so bad. you’ve got all of us to make you happy! mwah!!

  29. i forgot to comment yesterday so here goes…happy birthday my sweet sweet mamacita! you’ve got all of us to make you happy so you don’t have to worry about the number. mwah!!

  30. Ma Deuce Gunner

    Happy Belated B-Day, Blogmommy…. Sorry for the lack of commo lately.

    Umm, hiking in Florida?? Isn’t the highest elevation in FLA something like 349 feet or something?? I’d just call it a nature walk, unless you count Space Mountain as hiking, seeing as you got the yearly passes.

    Happy Day, anyways!!!

  31. I’m a little late, but happy birthday!

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