my sister-in-law, the costume designer

Frank’s silly sister Sarah did the costume design for this really stupid movie that came out on DVD this week. The Cavern. Her birthday is in August, and she can consider it her early birthday present that I sat through the entire movie.

Wow, what a waste of time. That might have been worse than Eye of the Beholder. And The Thin Red Line. And that is saying something.

But I will say this: The costuming was the best thing about the movie. So way to go, silly sister Sarah!

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  1. sure you got the right name? don’t see it in imdb

  2. It’s in IMDB – just have to look for it.

    I used Netflix to find a actor and then searched on that person on IMDB. There is even a Sarah listed for costume design.

    It’s hard to believe there is something as bad as The Thin Red Line…

  3. Why are ya’ll slaggin’ “The Thin Red Line”?
    It’s just a metaphysical “Saving Private Ryan”.
    What’s not to like?
    It’s got bad ‘Japs’ that get kilt a lot.
    Sean Penn gets blowed-up (or was it Woody Harrelson? Either way is good).
    Nolte, Travolta, Cusack…

    Caviezel seems a little slow but doesn’t he always?
    Sure, there weren’t any car chases or Muppets but there was army stuff blowing up all the time.

  4. thanks, al, i love the review:

    Worst movie ever made., 18 July 2006
    1/10 Stars
    Author: skuggfan from Umeå, Sweden

    This must be the worst movie ever made. It is maybe worth watching if you know anyone in the cast, otherwise, stay clear. The story is thin and terrible. The plot is awful, not enough gore and violence to get any satisfaction from that either. The acting is just annoying. Also, the “great” revelation at the end is so illogical and it totally defies common sense and is just as realistic as star trek. But, star trek is at least sci-fi. I want those 95minutes of my life back. The lightning in the movie is atrocious, the angles used when filming are worthless. Also, all the small “plot” twisters just annoy you. Does little moments with the flashbacks is totally non relevant for the “development” of characters and the story. Thank you Australia for destroying my evening. Please. Stay clear. Do not spend 95minutes watching this heap of steaming junk.

    i am totally intrigued now — i’m going to have to rent it

  5. The Netflix reviews aren’t much better than the IMDB ones. Most want Netflix to add a option for zero stars just so they can rate this movie that low.

    OTOH I did add it to my Netflix queue just in case I run out of movies to watch.

    As for The Thin Red Line – for a war movie it was slow and boring and to me – unwatchable. Even if Sean Penn gets blow’d up real good. SPR is how a war movie should be made. We Were Soldiers is another.

  6. um, Keith, Travolta is enough to make any movie The Suck of the Year. always plays his character the same no matter if he’s good or evil, except when he’s evil he clenches his teeth to make sure you know.

  7. btw, keith, watch your mouth! i’m sure i get some Brits in here!

    sirkisser and al, there’s nothing significant in the movie. it’s so bad. lighting, cameras, sound. it’s like blair witch with more blood and less plot on acid with stupid flashbacks that end up at a dead end and a retarded twist ending. oh! and lots of whispering and hyperventilating where you can’t understand what the characters are saying. better watch with the subtitles on.

  8. Ok Sarah – you’ve sold me on the movie. It has to be watched.

  9. I saw “The Cavern” for sale at the BX today. It even has your sister-in-law’s name and job title on the back cover. Oooh, you know someone famous. lol