more Harry Potter talk

so I’ve just finished my re-read of the Order of the Phoenix. During that, I revisited my R.A.B. = Regalus Black thing and came up with Amelia Bones instead. But just now when looking up Borgin and Burkes (because since reading HBP for the first time I’ve wondered about the other half of B&B, the live half, Borgin, perhaps being R.A.B., because didn’t Burke get deaed, and isn’t Borgin a little freaked out around all the Death Eaters?), I saw that Amelia’s name is Susan, so I guess I have to admit to Gullyborg that it’s not Amelia Bones.

Anyway, I’m gonna read HBP again, of course, thank you red. Tom worked for B&B. Burke is dead, right? Or at least missing? And Borgin is the one working when Lucius visits in the early books, and he’s freaked when Lucius leaves. And he’s unnerved when Draco leaves his shop, too. So I’m liking him for it too. Truth is, nobody knows except J.K.R. and her Quick Quotes Quill.

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  1. Zanywarriorgirl

    I agree with your theory about Burke and I too have re-read everything, having also just reread Phoenix and starting to re-read HBP this week (July 30). I tried find his full name but did not find it in any of the books. He must be RAB. B&B are the only ones who know about the precious artifacts belonging to that one old lady and able to piece together why Vold was tracking them all down.