Peeing all over myself here.

This is one of my all-time favorite photoshops by the evil fake sarahk.

I should probably clarify that Frank wasn’t correcting me on the SF/Sci-Fi thing. I was noting to him that when he and his sister talk about movies, they only ever say “film”, but when he’s not in her presence, he’ll say “movie”, but I know it’s not a conscious thing on his part, and on her part, it’s because she’s actually in the industry and probably has to talk the talk or whatever. And then I got off on a tangent about those people who say “film” to be pretentious, and he said something about having to be careful when talking about science fiction because he has to be cautious not to say “SciFi” in certain circles because it’s incorrect. And that got me all up in a tizzy because I hate pretentious people, and he started trying to defend the pretentious SciFi crowd, and I wasn’t having it, and that’s whence the argument came.

Anyway, go see the picture. I cackled and then cackled some more and laughed my pinkytoe off and almost wet myself.

3 Responses to ROFLMPTO

  1. i hate the background, i’ll have to fix that over the weekend

  2. I agree, pretty darn good photoshop.

  3. Well, back in the day, SciFi used to be a perjorative term, but I think it’s since been safely co-opted by the fan base. Sorta like how it’s ok to use the N-word in a rap song.