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SARAHK: Wow, Terrell Owens tried to commit suicide last night? [NOTE: this is still speculation, because Fox got it from KDFW, who got it from the police report that said it was a suicide attempt because the bottle of pain pills was empty when they got to T.O.'s place, but all the news reports say that T.O. had an allergic reaction to his pain meds.]

SIZZLE: Really? Wow, I have to go read the newspaper. I have not heard anything about this. I was listening to my cd’s on the way to work instead of the radio. Will update soon…

SARAHK: newspapers. they report yesterday’s news. blogs and internet news sites and tv report today’s news. [I apologize for leaving out radio. I didn't leave out radio on purpose. I'm a huge talk radio fan. In fact, I'm turning on Glenn Beck right now.]

SIZZLE [ignoring me]: Yeah the newspaper says he was taken to the Hospital due to having adverse affects from his pain medication from Monday’s surgery on his finger….

The radio says that he tried to kill himself.

SARAHK [by now, we're overlapping each other, frantically trying to inform each other about T.O., because we're both huge sports fans, both huge Cowboys fans, though I admit she's more into football because hockey's my game, and I think T.O.'s a gigantic pinkytoe]: all the news reports are saying he had an allergic reaction to his pain meds, but the police report said it was a suicide attempt. probably an allergy.

SIZZLE: They are calling it a suicide because he took to much pain medicine. I think he was trying to get messed up not kill himself intentionally. [Ha, cynicism doesn't run in my family, does it?]

SARAHK: yeah, that’s more likely. sounds like T.O., because he’s a big fat jerk, but not a melancholy woe is me jerk. just [a pinkytoe.]

SIZZLE: Right.


SIZZLE: FROM VALLEY RANCH… Not a suicide attempt…just [a pinkytoe] that is paid way too much for what he contributes to this team. I should have known…T.O. could never kill himself, he loves himself too much!

3 Responses to email to Sizzle

  1. awwwwwwwwwwww…my little girls still communicate by rambling. poor josh. never got a word in edgewise.

  2. The Smoking Gun has the police report and Owens told the cops that it was an attempt to hurt himself.

  3. This almost makes me feel bad for him, but with all the stunts he has pulled in the past. This may just be another. I guess the Giants will just beat the Cowboys by even more it TO does not come back.