i made burritos tonight for the season premiere of Smallville (a great premiere!! very snarkworthy!!). now. my leg has been hurting since about 4:30 p.m. while i was out shopping. i left the house around 2:30 and went to the pet food store, then B.J.’s Warehouse, then Publix, so i’d been shopping all day. then i went straight into putting away the groceries and then straight into cooking.

so i made burritos with cilantro lime rice, canned refried beans (i’ll be starting a letter-writing campaign to Publix soon if they don’t start carrying La Costena again, because the best they have is Old El Paso with green chiles, and it’s still not as good as La Costena), Herdez medium salsa verde, colby jack cheese, salt, pepper, and my homemade guacamole. and i made them super-sized (almost Chipotle sized) so that Frank would only need one so i wouldn’t have to get up again once i sat down on the couch.

plus i put together a bowl of fresh fruit.

by the time the groceries were put away and the kitchen was clean and dinner was ready, it was 8:15, and the nerve in my leg was on fire. several times i had squatted down in the kitchen to relieve some pressure. that doesn’t help so much, but it makes me feel like i’m doing something about it. of course, Frank had no way of knowing this, because i had not told him.

so i finally brought our burritos to the livingroom and sat down, content to not move again until bedtime. surely Frank would need to get up for something, and he could fetch my next bottle of water for me. i was a third done with my burrito when i noticed his plate was empty.

no way! i sent him breakfast and lunch with a brownie today!

when i got to halfway done with the burrito, he asked if there was stuff to make a 2nd burrito. i said, yes, there is, but my leg hurts, and i just sat down. i took another bite of my burrito, and he said that he would just fill up on brownies instead, and he went and got the whole tray of brownies.

i was just not up for making another burrito, nor was i up for explaining to him where all the parts were, and i was mostly full… so i offered him my remaining burrito half. he said he’d eat it if i weren’t going to. yeah, fine, eat it. then, two bites in, Mr. Bottomless Pit said that he knew he would still be hungry after he was done. i finally got up to pee and said, “fine, i’ll make you another burrito, i just wanted to sit down for a minute, my leg is killing me.”

and he was not trying to pester me. really, the man would have filled up on brownies and fruit and eventually would have made his own burrito with me yelling instructions from the other room but i wouldn’t have wanted to instruct. it’s easier to do sometimes. and he felt bad about me doing it, blah blah blah.

so then, THEN!! i peed, then i went into the kitchen to make his burrito. i looked into the livingroom… HE WAS STILL EATING MY BURRITO! ok, i wasn’t actually full when i gave him my burrito, i just didn’t want to walk or stand up anymore, so i was like here, take mine so i don’t have to move.

SARAHK: Hey, you can’t still eat my burrito if I came in here to make you a whole other one!
FRANK J. [sheepish and truly sorry]: I’m sorry, I thought you didn’t want it.
SARAHK: No, I just didn’t want to get up and make you another burrito!
FRANK J.: I’m sorry. I’m just a bad husband all around.
SARAHK: You’re not a bad husband. But I was sacrificing for the team. I wasn’t full yet. Leave my burrito alone.

I’ve been giving him a hard time today. My poor husband.

6 Responses to burritos

  1. Another example! LOL Sarah…come on…let the man be a man LOL

  2. Cilantro lime rice sounds yummy! Is that a prepackaged thing or a homemade thing? If it’s homemade, any chance you could share the recipe??? Please, purty please?

  3. Laurel, i just made some white rice (2 c. dry, 6 c. cooked), chopped up a bunch of cilantro and threw it in there, and squeezed in a bunch of lime juice. salted to taste. it clumped up pretty well, though, so next time i will use a bit of canola oil and see if that helps.

  4. Hey, thanks a bunch! I love the taste of cilantro and lime, but would have never thought to do that to rice.

  5. That’s how they learn… Keep the lessons up! He should be the perfect husband in 15-20 years… ;-) (It’s a looooong process, believe me.)

    I hope that the nerve pain is better today!

  6. The guy can’t make a burrito?? DIVORCE.