2 for $3!

A while back, Frank and I were at the grocery store together, and we went by the frozen pizza section. Yes, I’ve decided that Totino’s Party Pizzas are once again going to be a staple in our freezer for days when I just don’t feel like cooking, since I’m having migraine season again. Anyway, that’s beside the point, this is about Frank and his silliness.

We went by the frozen pizza section, and I started to grab 2 Totino’s pizzas. They were, in my world, $1.25 each, so I picked up one for Frank and one for me. This conversation ensued:

FRANK J.: Sweetie, you have to get 4, they’re 4 for $5!
SARAHK: But we only need 2, one for you and one for me. Which kind do you want, supreme?
FRANK J.: Yes, but get 4, because they’re cheaper that way.
SARAHK: Sweetie, 4 for $5 also means $1.25 each. They just say 4 for $5 so you will buy 4 whether you need 4 or not. But they’re still the same price. Unless they specifically say that you must buy that many to get the discount. But they generally only put that on there so you’ll buy 4 instead of the number you actually need. It’s just a trick to get you to buy more.
FRANK J.: You shut up. We’re getting 4 pizzas.

However, he did go away from the conversation knowing that I’m right.

So tonight he came home with 2 bags of Nerds (individual boxes like you give out at Halloween). He brought them as a treat for me.

FRANK J.: I got you a treat at the store, Sweetie.
SARAHK: You did? What’d you get me?
FRANK J. [holding up 2 bags of Nerds and grinning ear to ear]: I had to get you 2 bags because they were 2 for $3.

6 Responses to 2 for $3!

  1. Ok, that’s it. You are going to have to be deprogrammed. OBVIOUSLY you are on to our little secret and that cannot be allowed. More programming is needed immediately!!!!

  2. hahahahahahahahaha! you evil marketing geniuses can’t fool me!

  3. Steffen Caldwell

    sounds just like my wife and me all the time. I always check the indevidual prices compaired to the “sale price” Here in Hermany the “sale price” is normally about 10% more than the “normal” non sale price.

    She always has to get that 2 for €5 when the normal price is €1.50!!

    Now who is smarter you or Frank for marring you?

  4. Bahahahaha!! I am glad to see Frank has the same sort of learning curve as *my* hubby… ;)

  5. this scene could just as easily have happened in my household.


  6. I wonder if now Frank will grab only one of a buy one-get one free and assume it is half price?