There is a Nerd(TM) stuck under my CTRL key.

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  1. Think that is bad? The French keyboard I have to use has an ‘Alt Gr’ key which you have to hit to get to things like the ‘{‘ symbol, the ‘\’ symbol and the ‘€’ symbol. I submit that this is a bigger problem than a Nerd under the control key! :)

  2. Just pry the key up. It’ll come off and go back on easily.

  3. At least you have a SHIFT key. There was a time when you needed one, as I recall.

  4. Steve, what you forget is that i have a Sony VAIO, and everything on it breaks easily. I thought the same about my delete key, and now I just have a little rubber plunger for hitting delete. Anyway, I kept trying to lift the key a bit and pry out the Nerd(TM). i ended up kinda crushing the Nerd(TM) and scattering the pieces.

  5. do you have a can or compressed air?

  6. Big Bang Hunter

    - Every now and then, when too many keys start to hang up, I flip the KB, and do the hand hammer dance on it. On occasion an entire alien race has emerged, but that never deters me from eating over it for some reason. I’m sure the little critters don’t mind.

  7. Wait a second… How’d you get Frank under there??? :p

    (sorry if this posts twice, got a db error the first time)

  8. We all knew it was a bad idea when Frank bought you two bags of Nerds. But on the bright side, now you have something to yell at him for!

    Did you try having Rowdi lick the keyboard? She looks drooly and can probably dissolve that Nerd. Of course, then you’ll likely want to dispose of the computer.

  9. do you have one of those cans of compressed air? That may get the bits and pieces out.

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  11. maggie katzen

    oooooh, Sirkisser’s got some competition now. or we’ve found someone to carry the torch. Is Sirk still alive?

  12. maggie, yes he is, but he’s supposedly busy doing lawyer stuff… whatever!

    el Seco, it comes and goes. :-)

  13. No kidding?! I have a Geek under mine. ;)

  14. I didn’t realize until I took that pic how much stuff was under my keyboard… sheesh.

  15. don’t abuse Frank like that. he is such a sweetheart! good job, justin.

  16. Ok, so being a computer ‘professional’… What I usually do is take whatever part is ‘dirty’ and wash it. YES, wash it. You could be able to pretty easily remove the keyboard from the laptop. Usually like 2 screws. So need 4 – 6 screws removed from the bottom of the laptop. Unhook the cable, and take it to a sink. Run it under hot water for 10 mins or so. Blow dry, or leave sit at an angle for 2 – 3 days. As long as the thing is dry when you plug it back in, it’ll work perfectly. Works on any electronics. Infact, I just washed my toaster, blender and mixer in the dish washer. Came out brand new looking. Technically, you could take your entire laptop, minus the hard drive and batteries (including the cmos) and soak the whole thing over night. As long as it was completely dry, it’ll work fine. Course I wouldn’t recommend the whole laptop thing….