i’m not so good at patience

I called the Dr.’s office, because it’s Wednesday, and I gave blood 5 days ago… They’ve just now gotten the results in, but the doctor has to look them over and sign off on them before they tell me. So one of the nurses will be calling me later today.

UPDATE: everything’s “normal”.

yeah, uh huh. that’s why i feel so flippin’ great all the time!

fantastic… i guess it’s on to the next prospective disease. this would be so much easier if my doctors would figure it out for me.

5 Responses to i’m not so good at patience

  1. I, for one, am glad you don’t have what you were just tested for.

  2. But then life would not be that interesting. :)

  3. call me.

  4. Now don’t get angry . . . this is just for some amusement. . I have a very dear friend with any number of health issues and I told her this tale from my youth. She laughed. Of course it was not at the time.

    I went through a time of poor health and would stop in at the family doctor with my notes and magazine articles (yes, Virginia, there was a time when printed material was all that we had). I would relate the possible issues and one day he told me that I had better stop reading or I would die from a misprint.

    Found out later that he wasn’t the creator of that saying but it has been with me for over 45 years and it is still amusing.

    OK maybe not.


  5. rachel, that’s not necessarily true. it only presents in the blood for 80-90% of affected patients. i’ll still talk to the rheumatologist about it tomorrow. who knows, he may think it’s still a possibility and decide to check my other (so far) unaffected organs.

    i just want to know something. anything.

    and it’s possible if i don’t have that one, i have another disease of the same type. i’m pretty sure i have a disease of one certain type. just don’t know which one.