Tonight’s Smallville

*Too much Lana, but I’m glad they finally turned her evil and schemey – justifies my hate! If only that would stop her criticizing everyone for everything and crinkling that stoopid forehead while she plays the “I’m never wrong, I’m perfect, prove you love me” card. Hey, did anyone else want the scientist guy to turn on her in the elevator and stab her in the carotid with his science pencil?
*Too little Clark. What’s up with that? Tom Welling should be front and center. Every episode.
*Lois rocks. I’m glad she doesn’t forget her mad kung fu skillz when under attack – you know. Like Lana.
*Oliver annoys me. Too whiny, and what’s with that voice transplant when he’s his alter ego? Of course, that gives him a better disguise than.. um.. Clark.
*Chloe’s so cute. But she should scale back the number of times she does the thing where she sticks her tongue to the roof of her mouth while grinning big. That’s getting a little too frequent.
*That’s about it.

3 Responses to Tonight’s Smallville

  1. Dang missed it. Darn, darn, darn.

  2. I will not read, I will not read…

    I should be getting disc 1 of season 4 in the mail today! I’m so excited!

  3. Oliver annoys you because he is an uber-liberal, at least in the comic books, hopefully they will be true to that part of the story. So far we’ve met 4 of the Justice League, I can’t wait to meet Batman and Green Lantern.