“Pitbulls Not Involved in Attacks, Animal Control Not Surprised”

Hahahaha*, SarahK not surprised either.

Animal control says a mastiff bit a woman near a house in the 300 block of West Decatur Street.

The woman is out of the hospital, but lost part of her right breast in the attack.

First of all, ouch. I hope she recuperates well. Second of all… What? You mean other dogs besides “pit bulls” bite people? Are you sure?

A chow mix bit an 87-year-old woman, amputating her left leg.

Bit her leg off? Again, ouch. I wish her a speedy recovery. And what? You mean other dogs besides “pit bulls” bite people? Are you sure?

Animal control says they’re not surprised to see dogs other than pitbulls involed in a viscious attack.

Are they crazy? Don’t they know every dog that bites is a pit bull wearing a dog suit to imitate other breeds?

In fact, Macon County’s animal control warden says recent statistics at the shelter show pitbulls at the bottom of the bite list.

Macon County Animal Shelter volunteer Melinda Rueter says you never know when a dog might bite.

Pitbulls are a common suspect for attacking humans. But Reuter says the bad reputation comes from dog fighting.

She says pitbulls are not any more aggressive to humans than any other breed.

What? Of all the breeds responsible for bites in Decatur, IL, pit bulls are at the bottom of the list? What? And wow, that’s a lot of paragraphs for 5 sentences.

Reuter says they have many pitbulls that come into the shelter that are wonderful, affectionate dogs who are great with kids. She says and you can find many owners in the community that have pitbulls that are very happy with their dogs and don’t have any issues with aggression.

Wook at the sweet wittle puppy…

Oh no! She’s biting something! Ban her!

Earlier this month a Decatur attorney, spearheading an effort to ban pit bulls, addressed the Decatur city council.

Awww, the racist lawyer must be planning to run for DA or mayor or something. He needs a false cause to boost his public profile.

But many say a breed specific ban won’t stop dog fighting, abuse, or irresponsible owners.

What? Are you sure?

* I don’t want to make light of the women’s injuries… It’s just my… you know… pet cause.

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7 Responses to “Pitbulls Not Involved in Attacks, Animal Control Not Surprised”

  1. what did Rowdi dress as for halloween?

  2. btw – there’s 2 chinchillas up on freecycle this morning. Didn’t you say Rowdi needed new chew toys?

    (I kid. Even when my beastly chin broke the skin on my thumb, I still love her.)

  3. she went as the neighborhood’s friendliest dog. the children LOVED her.

  4. She reminds me of Neekie, a part Rotty part Chow that we had.

    Only threat that girl posed to anyone was licking them to death. I’m sure Rowdi’s the same way.

  5. I saw a show on Animal Planet where this pet “behavioral expert” was able to test strays to see if they were adoptable. She was checking out some pitbulls and most of them were sweetly sociable and the unadoptable ones were very obvious. It really changed my bias against pitbulls. Her attitude was that she didn’t care what the breed was, she just ran them all through the same test.

  6. Steffen Caldwell

    When I was a kid all of 5 I was bit by a poodle. No joke. Didn’t draw blood but it scared me to death. When I was about 7 I was bit by a stray cat and I got sick. Again no joke. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks because of an infection in my wrist. Also where the cat bit me.

    Our neighbor in Lacey WA was close to 70 and she owned a poodle. She was also a vegitarian (sp) so in her wisdom she though that she could turn her widdle cute poodle in to a veg also. All was ok for about a year. Then the dog started acting real wierd. Biting at nothing but air, biting itself and drawing blood. One day I was coming home from schoola nd I heard some serious screaming from the neighbors house. I ran in to the house and the lady was laying on the floor in a pool of blood. Out of no where jumped this little white ball of fur looking to rip me up. I punted it across the room and grabbed the lady and we hit the street. I yelled for my mom to bring towles and call the EMT’s. When the police showed up the had to shoot the dog.

    It seems that the dog went completly nuts and attacked the lady taking a large chunk of meat out of her calf. She recovered OK but sued the police department for killing her dog!! I didn’t even get a thank you.

    Basicly what I’m saying is that any animal can be turned in to a killer. Sadly it’s the handlers who are at fault.

  7. Various dog breeds have TENDANCIES toward various dispositions, but dogs are individuals and any individual dog can be of almost any disposition. As far as foul tempered dogs, I’ve run into more nasty tempered little dogs than big dogs, but any individual dog can be of any makeup.