I just wanna tell y’all something uber-personal

I’m terrified about the whole hoo-hah numbness/tingling thing. What if that’s the first step toward me losing my orgasm mechanism? I need that for orgasms and stuff! I like orgasms! They’re fun!

That is all.

6 Responses to I just wanna tell y’all something uber-personal

  1. I’ve had similar problems from sitting in a bad position. Usually it’s a nerve being pinched. Maybe you should ask your chiropractor about that?

  2. If it is the illness you posted on, the numbness will go away. You wont lose that ability.

  3. I think your hoo-hah will be just fine, and I said a prayer that it would be back to its fun old self. (I imagine it is very ANNOYING.) But if the worst-case-scenario does come about, remember that orgasms take place in your brain, not your hoo-hah. Plenty of paraplegics have orgasms, even those who have no feeling below their nipples. Frank seems the kind of guy who would be willing to experiment. Hang in there!

  4. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to laugh! the numbness thing is scary. It was the way you phrased it. Holy cow. And what’s even funnier is I’ve met you. And if we’d have been sitting across from each other at lunch and that had popped out of your mouth (as I can so hear it!) I would have spewed water all over the table!!!

    and yes, talk to your chiropractor. It could be a pinched nerve if it isn’t that other thing…

  5. my chiropractor very urgently told me to see my neuro about that one. i see the neuro Monday.

  6. I’m glad you are seeing him Monday. The fact it is lasting this long is not so good.