BSG notes

the whole Baltar / Caprica Six / Lucy Lawless weirdness is… weird.

HELO is a traitor and should have been executed.

and AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! DIXON IS GOING TO BE ON NEXT WEEK!!!! (Carl Lumbly, that is.) I’m so giddy over that!!!

Barely any Starbuck! :(

One Response to BSG notes

  1. Who’s the guy on next week? The name doesn’t ring a bell.

    As to Helo, it was very interesting that his wife was going to go along with the orders but he wasn’t. An enduring strength of BSG is that the characters react in very unexpected ways.

    As to the torture scene, I almost wonder if they’re going to make Baltar into some kind of screwy Cylon messiah or something.

    And this episode brought up a dynamic that’s always been there but rarely covered–The fleet is a democracy only because Adama says it is. When Rosslyn asked about an investigation into who sabotaged the air supply Adama simply said no and that’s the end of it. Wasn’t much she could do about it.