i get to wear a sweater today!

too bad i have to spend the day inside. i will be working for a while, then going to see my neuro. going to ask him to test for MS and also ask him about celiac disease (i don’t know which doctor handles that one, i assume a gastroenterologist, but i’m going to ask my neuro since it affects the CNS). and i’m going to say, pretty please, will you make me an appointment with Mayo so i can get in super-fast (i’m thinking the week after Thanksgiving would be great — Frank could just drive up in the evenings if i feel i need moral support or whatever, because i’m thinking they’re not going to let him off work 2 weeks in a row). i’ll tell him i’m going to go to Mayo regardless (which is true), it would just be great for you to send me so i get in faster. i think he will.

after the neuro, i have to drive to Sebastian for dog food and then take it to the dog spa, where Rowdi is spending today and tomorrow. then i’m going to find a place to hunker down and work until my chiro appointment this afternoon.

wow, that looks like a really busy schedule, maybe i should move the chiro to tomorrow so i can get more work done.

i did the front pages for the book last night and put headers on all the pages. if i can get the page number thing to work today, i’ll be really happy. Word is stupid, so every time i put the lower-case roman numerals on the foreword and acknowledgments, it tries to number the very first page (the title page) as page 2. i mean, it’s the very first page of all, so let’s put an arabic 2 on it. and then on the 4th page, let’s put a 6. is Word smoking crack?

btw, i really like the British spelling of acknowledgements much better, and i like British treatment of quotation marks much better — some Americanizations are not improvements. i mean, seriously — acknowledge is spelled with an “e,” so why not spell acknowledgements with an “e”? and see how that “?” goes outside the quotation marks? i think the “,” after the previous “e” should also go after the quotes, like the Brits do, but the American rules say put the comma inside the quotes, no matter what the logic. it’s stupid and looks wrong, and i always want to fix it! if only they would let me keep my guns, i would want to move to Britain so i could do proper quotes. except they have that weird “ou” thing in words like “honor” (honour).

ok. i should stop my complaining and get back to work. my absolute and non-negotiable goal is to have this thing to the printer by Wednesday. the proof only takes 2-3 days to come back, so then we just approve it, and we’re off to the presses. i want the book on sale by the time we leave for Texas. oh, i also have to have the entire house spotless before we leave so that when i get back i can start painting.

a’ight. y’all be good.

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  1. Once could certainly make the case that UK usage should be the definative. Though each English speaking nation has somewhat different usage–Indian English is the most divergant from Anglo-American.

  2. this should have gone in the “ramblings” section. huh?”"

  3. Oh great, now you’re going to have the grammar nazis riding your pinky toe!

  4. mmmm… Sarah in a sweater… :-)