happy “anniversary”

to my sweetie mcsweetness!

it’s been a great “year” of bossing you around! :-)

13 Responses to happy “anniversary”

  1. giggle giggle wink wink nod nod

  2. awww that’s great, Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Methinks he likes being bossed by you. Happy Anniversary (ahem, cough)!

  4. There’s been a fair number of movies that I would like to have had you at to be an enforcer of mores.

    How’d y’all like the movie anyways? I actually liked it a lot better than I expected to. Good action.

  5. Happy anniversary, boss and bossee!

  6. congratulations!! one year…of bossing!!

  7. Did I miss something? What’s with the “quotes”?


  8. Now, if you would’ve submitted THAT picture for the T-shirt babe contest, I would’ve voted for you.

    Racktastic! :-)

  9. LT, it’s about time someone noticed…

  10. You guys are so totally cute. :)

  11. I noticed the quotes but I thought it was x-nay on the edding-way, if you know what I mean. Did I tell you July 2nd was my birthday, because it is!

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