i had pancakes!

Frank(ie)’s mom made me GF pancakes this morning with the GF flour she bought me yesterday at the hippie co-op (the only place in Boise that has Democrats). She also stocked me up on enough Larabars and Clif Nectarbars (thanks for the heads-up, Ceri) to last me until we leave next weekend and got me some GF bread that looks more interesting than the GF bread I’ve had before. We shall see, I suppose.

I just now learned that there’s a family game that they play based around the Advent calendar (I think that’s a Catholic thing), and I guess if you move the mouse to the new date on the pocket hanging calendar thingy first, you pocket all the money that the mouse is holding on to. Or something like that. Alrighty then.

Frankie and I have some last minute Christmas shopping to do. No Wiis on the shopping list today. A couple of stops. We may go see the Bond movie with the folks later.

And maybe time for bloggage. We finally got the pictures off the digital camera so I have images to show! I figured out that I lost my cord at my dad’s house.

Ta, musees! Love y’all!

8 Responses to i had pancakes!

  1. I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!!

  2. merry christmas to yourself, frank and all the j’s!
    travel safely and return home to us refreshed for the coming year. hope someone faithful is taking care of minerva & sydney?

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  4. yummy! I got some gluten free pancake mix (haven’t tried it yet) from http://www.glutenfreepantry.com and I also got some quick bread mixes sent to me as well because I am a little too lazy to cook starting from flour. I hope you and your family have a very merry Christmas!

  5. May you all have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Merry Christmas!! I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday! :)

  7. Hope your Christmas was great!