Ok, so I’ve been really tired all week, and we’ve eaten dinner anywhere between 8:30 and 10:30 this week. But at least I’ve fed him, ok?

And just now, my sweet, understanding husband says to me, “Hey sweetie, tomorrow night, if you don’t fix dinner too late, we can watch Mission: Impossible III.”

“Oh, ok. If I don’t make dinner too late, huh?”

“Yeah, ’cause you’re a bad sweetie. You better be careful, or I’m gonna go to Mormon heaven and won’t let you in because you feed me late.”

If I feed him at all now.

6 Responses to dinner

  1. Set a jar o’ Jif and a bag of bread in front of that boy tonight.

    Every time my sweetie starts with “what are we having for dinner tonight” or “when’s dinner” in that tone, I say (sweetly), “I don’t know, what are you cooking?” Sometimes, there’s a ‘scumwad’ at the end of that sentence, but I hardly ever say it out loud.

    I think.


  2. Mormon heaven…LOL….umm..sounds like a Scientology or JW thing….LOL

  3. American women. Bless them.


  4. Remind him that it’s only 6:30 in Idaho. He’s eating on time. Perhaps he could use some humble pie. Don’t worry, he’ll learn. Unfortunately for him guys usually learn the hard way.

  5. FrankJ is Mormon?!? heh. Lucky you.

  6. no, he’s not Mormon. he was being silly.

    we’re members of the church of Christ.