“Places I’ve Been”

by Taylor Hicks.

Love it. Love it. Love it.

I love the whole CD, actually (buy it), but that’s the one. That’s the song that sticks with me all day and runs through my head. It’s the one they should never release as a single so they can’t ruin it.

This is why I don’t listen much to the radio. They ruin too many songs with their formula.

What was I saying? Oh yes. “Places I’ve Been.” That’s the one.

UPDATE: Umm… When we were coming home from worship this afternoon, I was reading the CD sleeve and I realized two things. 1) Taylor Hicks didn’t thank his AI fans (nor the judges, nor the AI machine — just a blanket thanks to everyone in Fox television — lazy and snubbish — but wait, lemme get to that in a minute). 2) I blogged about the wrong song. Don’t get me wrong, “Places I’ve Been,” the Diane Warren song, is beautiful and probably my second favorite on the album, but the song I meant to blog all warm and fuzzy about was “Just to Feel That Way.” But I’d just heard “Places I’ve Been” and got all confused.

“Just to Feel That Way.” That’s the one. The one that sticks with you and plays in your head over and over blah blah blah. Love it, love it, love it. Piano, vocals, drums, everything. Mwah. Oh, and the songs with the harmonica solos and the bari sax (pretty sure bari, and I love me some bari sax) are so much fun.

NOW. Taylor. Let’s talk about manners. AT the very least, Taylor, you should have thanked your fans. I’ll just come out and say it. You hurt my feelings. I walked into Publix all mopey and smushy-faced when I did my after-church grocery shopping this afternoon after I read your lousy excuse for thanks in your liner notes. Listing your webpage and your myspace page are not enough, Mr. Gray Charles.

Ok, so I didn’t vote for you every single week. But I voted almost every single week. And multiple dials! Not to mention the near-constant blogging. I don’t expect a “thanks SarahK, U R teh kewlest!” but come on. Not the tiniest mention of your fans who voted for you for months? Or even “to my fans” in general. Not even an overall “fans” umbrella. Not even your fans that listened to you in the bars over the last decade or so? How many years did you do this before American Idol made you into a smash hit? Yes, you are outstanding. You deserved to win. But you’ve been at it for more than a decade without going global, and after a few months of being dialed as the fan favorite, you are a star for as long as you choose to be.

I’m sure there will be a second album. Your first is a great start to what I know will be a long, successful recording career. Especially since you left off that terrible forced AI song. You’ll only get better, but you’ll do better to remember the people who help you get where you go.

And the whole AI machine. Ok, I don’t know all the behind-the-scenes action that occurred when you made your CD. I know you were not the chosen one, the pimped one. They didn’t groom you to be their winner, because AI didn’t figure they could sell you, and they were wrong. But look what happened with Chris Daughtry — they started trying to groom him to be the winner, and every time he sang out of his own style, people stopped voting for him (of course, that was, IMO, the best thing that happened for him on the show and for his career). Simon didn’t get you and didn’t really go for you most days — he’s a businessman in the business of teenypoppers, so he didn’t see dollar signs with you. I understand you not thanking him. Randy and Paula? Come on, they were mostly with you and gave constructive criticism when they weren’t “yeah-yeah-dawg,” and even Simon had tips for you along the way — and he wasn’t always against you. And the producers and the whole AI machine — to throw out a blanket “Fox television” thanks is so all-inclusive that it’s under-inclusive and underwhelming. And ugly.

Maybe the myspace page has an explanation as to why you forgot us. Me. Them. Our fingers. I hope it was an honest mistake and not a deliberate snub. If a snub, boo. Hiss.

Either way, bad form.

Chris Daughtry remembered us.

5 Responses to “Places I’ve Been”

  1. Sarah,

    Off topic…and sorry…

    but could you tell me what mic, and software you aqnd Frank use for podcasts…thank you!!

  2. I have never voted for anyone on AI, but if I was going to vote for anyone, it would’ve been Taylor! Love his cd and hope we hear more from him. I like Blue-eyed Soul.

  3. But he did thank God first and that was enough for me.

  4. And ironically I bought Chris’ CD first. Hmmm…..

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