1099s are due today, right? i seem to remember that from my CPA years.

so… 1099s. i guess i need some kind of software for that… TurboTax it is.

i’m sure all the IMAO guys would like to get paid their CafePress money for the past three months sometime in the near future as well. ugh. i hate the CafePress accounting, because they don’t have a download to Excel option, and the copy/paste thing does not work at all. i can’t even do a text to columns fix on it.

oh, and i’m about 10 days late filing my sales tax report for the last quarter. and a month late filing my 2553 with the IRS. I need to call them about that, because i really don’t want to be a C-corp for one year and then switch to being an S-corp.

i think i know what i’m doing for the rest of today.

sometimes being a business owner really stinks.

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  1. yeh. 1099s, W2s. Guess who dropped the ball again this year? I totally suck at my job. Big time. And I even made a concerted effort not to suck this year. But on the bright side, I got all that junk off my desk yesterday and into the hands of my CPA. Now I can blame them for missing today’s deadline. Even though we all know it was my fault.


    It never ends. The 20th will be here in no time at all again, and that just means sales tax. Again. Every month. And then it’ll be time for the quarterly UCT and 941. I HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT.

    Thanks for letting me vent on your site for a change! I don’t like to talk about my job on my site.

  2. I’m not gonna say squat about the stuff I have to do today – you both have me completely beat….

  3. I was thinking about writing a post about the weirdness of my big client issuing a 1099 even though we’re a partnership (apparently that really is the law, maybe) and how meaningless that is when they’re cash and we’re accrual. I’d have to do the math, but I think we’ll be between 10 and 20k apart this year. That and the weirdness of the 1099 including everything: service invoices, reimbursements (like when I go to CompUSA and get something for them), and hardware sales (what I get from a vendor with no sales tax, may or may not mark up, and sell to them with tax added).

  4. only time i issue 1099′s is if the clients’ cpa requires them for a return. the government doesn’t pay me enough (at ALL) to be their snitch.
    sarahk, don’t worry if you’re late… everyone is! i haven’t even received a 2006 mortgage interest statement and it’s already the 6th.
    question… does FL penalize for late sales tax? here in CA our board of “equalization” (i just adore that implication, don’t you?)
    has all the power and none of the heart which other agencies sometimes display.

    to jay,
    yours does seem an extreme example, i’d like to know more.
    rules in general (that i’m aware of) require 1099′s to all but registered corporations.

    (no relation to our host save philosophical )