Wow, so it’s actually cold enough here that there is a freeze warning for my county. I have to cover my impatients! I’m too lazy to do it, but knowing that I have to do it lest they die makes me immeasurably happy. Ok, well it’s probably a little measurable. It’s just that once I cover them with the sheets, I don’t have anything to hold the sheets in place. Sure I could find stuff in the garage like tools and whatnot (we have no bricks or even rocks, surprisingly), but they’d all rust over in the morning when the humidity strikes with the morning dew that covers more like a first rain.

Speaking of rain, we watched Little Miss Sunshine tonight (actually, half before evening worship, half after evening worship). Great film, we really liked it. Oh no, did I just call a movie a film? Forgive me. Old habits die hard, but this did strike me more as a film than a movie, and it did actually win a “film” label from me. I, for the first time in years, found myself wanting to start watching movies and films again. Sadly, I can’t recommend this film to anyone, because the language was terrible and there were a number of porn references throughout. Steve Carell and the little girl, whose name escapes me, were excellent.

My sister wasn’t crazy about the movie. Speaking of my sister. She had two procedures on Friday for the cancer. They think they got it all. Thank God.

No segue here. If I hear one more person say something like, “Do you think Britney Spears has finally gone too far by cutting off all her hair?” … Are you kidding me? Lopping the locks is worse than driving with the baby in her lap? Worse than marrying K-Fed? Worse than getting out of cars flashing her hoo-hah to the world on purpose? No one does that on accident, you know. Every woman knows where her hoo-hah is and how to keep it covered, underwear or no. I actually heard a blonde bimbette on Fox News Saturday say, regarding the balding of the Brit, “Do you think this will be the final straw in the custody battle for her children?”

No lie. I was in such a calm mood, just cleaning my house, and I can’t tell you how loudly I started yelling at the TV when that inane statement left her over-collagenated lips. This is why I have started avoiding the news as much as possible lately. People are stupid and talk about nothing but bald heads, baby’s daddies (btw, if you are white and blonde or Geraldo, I hereby forbid you to say the phrase “baby daddy” — you must henceforth use the apostrophe and the ess, for the love of pete, trust me on this), and Barack “I Might Do Something Someday” Obama. I can’t take it, people. I just can’t.

In other news, popcorn topped with Louisiana hot sauce is the bomb. I can say “the bomb”, because I lived through the ’90s (and these the aughts). So shut up.

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  1. Interesting, I just read my dad’s wife’s blog. She saw Little Miss Sunshine this weekend and is lamenting that she lost two hours of her life.

    I think I’m more inclined to trust your review of it.

  2. Ohhh Sarah, you do make me smile. You, Lady, are Da Bomb, and I can say that because I also lived throught the 90′s and am NOW in Chicago. ;-)

  3. I am soooooooo glad that things went well for your sis! Whoohoo!

    And as for avoiding the news – you can sit by me, sister. I am waaay over it ALL.

  4. It’s surprising how I can get through a whole week and not turn on the TV. I watch all video on my computer. DVD’s and iTune/TV. No commercials so that’s a 33% timesavings right there. I never have to leave my computer. All my imaginary friends are here…

    OT – I just installed the Trial version of Office 2007 Professional. I am lovin’ it! Usability is better and Excel can handle over seven thousand columns now! WooHoo! It’s all very cool.

  5. I LOVED Little Miss Sunshine! I saw it in the theater and was VERY impressed with Steve Carrell..

    We’re praying for Sizzle..glad everything went good :)

  6. I watched that a couple weeks ago. It was okay, a little predictable. I’m not getting the “best movie evar!” reviews of it though, are other movies just that bad?

  7. not the best movie evar, no. for me it was just refreshing to have a critical darling actually be a good movie, considering all the crap that comes out of Hollywood these days that the press luuuuurves that is not good enough for minerva to poo on. and i just thought the ending scene had a huge payoff. frank and i laughed for the entire scene and didn’t stop laughing until the credits, i think. plus, the little jonbenets made me want to throw things at their mothers and i loved that she was so innocent among them.

  8. popcorn with hot sauce? Never in a month of Sundays would I have thought of such a thing!

  9. I adored Little Miss Sunshine as well – and was also annoyed by the language and the porn references. Why do they have to scar a good movie by cluttering it up with constant f-bombs? (See: Good Will Hunting) Other than that, the movie was terribly cute and I too am sad that I can’t recommend it to people. I did buy the DVD though, and was glad to see the movie nominated for some Oscars, which are usually reserved for horrible liberal political movies.