American Idol Six – Top 12 guys

I blogged it last night over at IMAO. If I had time, I would do a link roundup, but the evil fake sarahk is coming to visit us this weekend, and my house cleaning deadline is upon me.

One Response to American Idol Six – Top 12 guys

  1. Janna (aka HUGE Glenn Beck fan)

    I thought ALL of the guys blew chunks Tuesday night!!! None of them stepped up to impress! I was so mad too… which is pathetic that I can get that worked up over stupid reality TV. :) LOL

    I agree with you on the three that were best… but I think Phil actually sang the best out of all of them even though it wasn’t super-impressive. Plus, the whole “abandoning his about-to-pop pregnant wife” thing makes me want to give him paper cuts and pour lemon juice on them. :)

    I just kept thinking how stupid it is that we have to choose the top 6 guys and top 6 girls… because if the girls are better (which they clearly ARE after seeing their performances last night)… then why do we have to pick 6 loser guys to compete with 6 really talented girls? They should let us choose the top 12 out of all 24 finalists and we can send the loser guys home. :)

    I thought the barefoot freak was annoying and forgettable… Sanjaya annoys the crap out of me with his movements… he plants his feet on the floor and sort of sways and it looks really awkward. Most of the other guys I totally forgot about and that should say something about their talent, or lack thereof. Sundance is NOT a good singer… I think his audition was a fluke. I have no idea why the judges decided to hang onto him.