this is the picture i was looking for yesterday

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  1. yes, that’s two shirts, not one. when he can’t find a hanger for a shirt, he just hangs one on top of another that’s already been poorly hung. and he thinks they’re ready to wear when they come off the hanger. they don’t need to be ironed or even thrown into the dryer for fluffing.

  2. So what’s your point? Looks fine to me.

  3. hahaha, I know someone like that. I’m glad I do the laundry :)

  4. One possibility is that Frank is a time traveler. I suspect Frank has been to the future and seen that a delay needs to be inserted into your day for some reason. In the possible future that Frank traveled to, something bad happened because of your timing. For instance, Frank could have seen you driving down the road and squish some baby ducks. You’d feel bad about that wouldn’t you? Frank has obviously inserted an “ironing delay” into your life so that you and those baby ducks don’t converge in space/time.
    Now, you might ask, “If Frank saw the future, why didn’t he just wrinkle the shirt he saw me wearing when I squished the baby ducks out of the universe like a watermelon seed shot out from between my fingers?” Good question. I imagine you’ve heard of the butterfly effect. There are all sorts of random variables that could affect your choice of shirts on any given day but they wouldn’t affect your timing. By wrinkling all your shirts Frank has hard coded the ironing delay into your future no matter what shirt you wear.
    Knowing how upset you were in the future, Frank kept you from killing those baby ducks. Of course there is a trade-off but your mild annoyance in the present is better than you being sad and blue in the future. Frank loves you and is trying to do the best he can.
    Or did you want to kill those baby ducks?

  5. But he hung them up! That’s more than some guys I’ve known.

    Ok, enough of going to bat for Frank J.

    Dude, seriously, (I’m talking to you, Mr. Frank J!), how can you look at that and think it’s acceptable? You can’t even blame your engineering mind because my brother is an engineer and he doesn’t hang his clothes up like that. Tsk.

  6. That definitely ranks right up there with taking a load of clothes out of the dryer, and instead of folding them, throwing them all on top of the neatly stacked piles I have already folded, so that the ONE pair of jeans that HAD to be washed alone even though there are enough other jeans for a full load can then go in the dryer.

    And THEN throwing a pair of dirty jeans on top of the clean unfolded clothes that are on top of the folded…..

    What was the question again?