to lighten the mood on a sad, sad day

If I look at the spout hard enough, water will come out. Power of positive thinking.

Minerva does take instructions very seriously.

7 Responses to to lighten the mood on a sad, sad day

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  2. LOL!!! Good kitty, good clean kitty.

  3. Great pictures – thanks! :-) I feel better now…

  4. Hi, SarahK:

    Minerva’s a beauty!

    Feline Logic

    If I stare long enough, I know that this faucet will pour!
    Just like when I want My Humans to open the door
    When I behave this way, My Humans think it’s a gaffe
    It just proves that Dogs have Owners while Cats employ Staff


  5. Pah! What a cute, kitty! I wish my cat were literate.

  6. minervasaurus re-appears!
    thanks for the catblogging ;-)

  7. Minerva looks at home! Nice pictures.