FRANK J.: After I eat, I’ll need to wash some clothes.
SARAHK: Ok. [laughing] You should start with the ones that are already in the washer. [I've already washed these at least twice. Maybe thrice.]
FRANK J.: [laughing] You’re a BAD sweetie!
SARAHK: You don’t have to say it with such emphasis.
FRANK J.: What is it about moving them to the dryer? That’s like four times already!
SARAHK: Three. Three only. There’s already something in the dryer.
FRANK J.: So put them in a hamper. [I chose not to correct him on the proper usage of the word "hamper," as I wanted to keep the conversation moving.]
SARAHK: No. Absolutely not. They just… [I wanted to say "wrinkle," but they've been in there for weeks, so I think we're past wrinkled. But I'm totally planning to fluff them before I take them out! Totally.] No. They become part of the mess outside the dryer. [Good save.]

Egad, he’s demanding. At least I’m still microwaving him food. Once, sometimes twice, per day. I’m a saint!

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    Hi long time no see or chat and stuff. Hope you are well and Mr. Monkey man is too.

    I thought of you while I was listening to Red Boy & Absolute Amy. There is a site called

    Get your “pinky-toe” over there and sing for your fans.