question for other purely narcissistic bloggers out there

And I don’t want to hear from the non-narcissistic folks out there. Really, I don’t. I just need to know that this is normal, this thing that I do from time to time when I’m completely bored and have run out of things to read and am absolutely too bushed to paint anything else. Just too stinking bushed.

Do you read your own blogs? I mean, I don’t. Or anything. Never. And I don’t laugh out loud at my entries, because I just don’t find myself hilarious. Right.

7 Responses to question for other purely narcissistic bloggers out there

  1. I read myself all the time. And I get upset with myself if I haven’t posted anything new for me to read.

  2. Of course I read my own stuff. Except for your blog and mine, what else is interesting to read?? LOL

  3. Guilty!

    Actually, I just read mine to make sure there’s something useful in them after posting. There’s nothing worse than thinking, “Well, it made sense at the time”! :-)

  4. Susan, you’re missing MY blog! If SarahK-ateHudson likes it, it must be good, right? Anyway, I also read my own blog – and strangely, sometimes I don’t recall writing stuff. And worse, I even *compliment* myself, “Wow, I don’t remember describing that so vividly” or “did I really use that big word correctly?” or “Hahahahahaha, I’m funnee” or “Why aren’t more people reading my blog? This is good stuff, darn it!”

    Stuff like that. Then again, I’m at a sad loss for entertainment these days, and I’m crazy because of the medical school. So.

  5. Are you kidding? I read my own stuff all the time! Sometimes I surprise myself with how funny some of my entries have been. And I think, “Wow, I’m hilarious! Who knew!” and then I get a big head and have to call in sick to work because I can’t get out the door. Which leaves me more time to read my own stuff.

    Anyone who says they don’t…LIES!!!!!

  6. Totally guilty. Totally.

  7. Any time I have to start combing through my archives by hand (usually because I *know* I wrote a post about something, but I can’t remember any key words to use to search for it), I find myself getting distracted and reading some of my posts.

    Which usually results in the thought of “so THAT’S why people read my blog”.