thanks. i was going to say, “mop.”

As we know, I can’t recall words as easily as I did when I wasn’t on Topamax, so a lot of times the word will be right there, floating just out of reach of my mind’s eye, and I can’t focus it into a real word. Last night, as I was writing my American Idol results show recap (which includes lengthy flashbacks to each contestant’s performance Tuesday night since I didn’t write up the Tuesday show), I turned and asked Frank for vocabulary help, as I occasionally do when I can’t come up with a word.

SARAHK: What’s a good word for… not verbal but…
FRANK J.: Nonverbal?
SARAHK: No. Not spoken… physical… not verbal [I repeat myself in these situations.]
FRANK J.: Unspoken?
SARAHK: No. Sweetie, if I wanted a word that I could come up with myself, I wouldn’t ask you for help. [We both start laughing.]
FRANK J.: [quoting Scrubs] Thanks. I was going to say mop.

The Scrubs janitor reference sent me into a laughing fit that I couldn’t stop for a few minutes. If you don’t remember the episode, it begins something like this. JD walks into the hospital, and Janitor is sitting just inside the hospital looking sad.

JD: What’s wrong.
JANITOR: I don’t know. I’m just feeling kind of… what’s the word?
JD: Sad?
JANITOR: Yes. Sad. I’m so dumb that I couldn’t come up with the word sad. I was going to say mop. I’m feeling mop.

The Janitor spends the rest of the episode acting completely stupid–trying to eat soup with a fork, etc. One of the funniest episodes.

Oh, I ended up looking it up on Tacit was the word I was looking for. Not mop.

One Response to thanks. i was going to say, “mop.”

  1. Oh, yeah. I was going to say “tacit.”
    I love Scrubs, and often use it for (what’s the word? Oh yeah…) inspiration.