someone said to me this morning…

It’s not dirty or anything, but it’s adult, so I’ll put it in the extended entry…

“Did you ever notice that bleach smells like sperm?”
Haaaaaahahahahaha. “No. No, I never noticed that. But I do have to blog that an anonymous friend of mine said that to me.”
“They’ll totally know it was me!”
“They won’t think it’s you!”
“Anyway, go put some bleach on your hands and then smell your hands and see if you agree.”
“I have no reason to do that.”
“Just to see if you agree!”
“I have no reason to put bleach on my hands and no reason to clean anything, because I’m not having company today!”

And that, peeps, is the truth. I vacuumed this morning because the movers were coming. I dusted Thursday because the dog spa people were coming to take the couch. I vacuumed the guest room Friday night because writersblock and sherlock were ready to go to bed, and why would I be on time with preparations?

Maybe someday soon I’ll have use for bleach and be able to make a comparison. I guess we have to have company again.

4 Responses to someone said to me this morning…

  1. I’m a microbiologist, and smelling the bacteria is one of the ways that helps us identify it. Pseudomonas aeruginosa smells like grapes; Proteus mirabilis smells like chocolate cake (kind of… more like burnt microwave brownies.) One day I was smelling an isolate of Shigella, (which we don’t see too often) and I said to my co-worker, “This smells like something really familiar, but I can’t put my finger on it.” She grinned at me, and when I couldn’t come up with the answer, she said, “semen?” I yelled, “That’s exactly it!” and we both laughed our heads off.

    Everytime I’m teaching a student how to read stool cultures, I debate whether or not to share that helpful bit of information. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t.

  2. careful with the bleach, it can burn a bit with skin contact.
    Not a blistering burning, but still it’s not a nice sensation.

  3. bikermommy

    hmmm….what a subject. let me see….bleach it is.

  4. Proteus = chocolate cake? I don’t get that one. I’m with you on Pseudomonas/grapes. But Shigella/semen? Heeeee! Red fish, thou art my new best friend.

    Oh, and SarahK – you’re nice too.