believe me, you’ll want the money

The preacher’s son graduates high school Friday. We were congratulating him and hugging him after church last night. I asked him, “So… you’ll be available then…”

“Oh, yeah! I’m not starting college until September!”

“What’s your hourly rate?”

“$7.25. Oh, no. Y’all need help with your house? I’ll come over and help for free, absolutely! I thought you meant what do I make at my job. I wouldn’t charge you. When do you want me to come? Starting Friday, I’m out of school. I graduate Friday night, but I’m off all day Friday and Saturday.”

Score! I was definitely against the idea of hiring college kids to help us with the house, but A is such a good kid, we know him, we know his parents, and I’m pretty sure he’d train easily. If Frank can be trained to paint (he tunes me out when I’m giving instructions), A can be trained to paint.

“Oh, no. We would definitely pay you. And we’d pay you more than $7.25.” They live far from here, and I’m a nagger, a perfectionist, and not fun to work for. Just ask Frank. “A, you’ll definitely want us to pay you.”

“No, seriously, I’ll come help y’all out for free. I’m off all summer.”

“We’ll pay you for sure. Do you like dogs?”

“I love dogs.”

“Ahhhhh. You like walking them? (Nods.) We have a lovely dog who loves to walk. Are you a good painter?”

(Blank stare)

“You can be taught?”

“Definitely. I can learn how to do anything. You want my cell number? My sister is always on the phone, so you should take my cell number.”

Kids with cell phones. Ayiyay.

So. Whatever isn’t done by the weekend, A will be helping us out. What’s a good hourly rate? We have something in mind, but I want to know if it’s a good rate.

BTW, y’all should see the house. It’s shaping up so nicely. Yay yay yay.

6 Responses to believe me, you’ll want the money

  1. $10 seems to be the going rate for college kids to do odd jobs around the house, like gardening and moving dusty boxes and such. Heavy lifting is more.

  2. I don’t know, I’ve met SarahK and I KNOW she can be a taskmaster. Ten bucks might be insufficient! Especially if she is unwilling to share her onion dip. ;)

  3. yeah, I’d go with $10 as well, for sure.

  4. $10 seems about right, but if your worried you might be too much of a task master you could bump it up to 12 or 15 to compensate.

  5. No onion dip? Tell him to hold out for $14/hr at least!

  6. $10 to train. $12 to work for the TM. $14 to walk to TM’sD. thas all. wait. if he’s at $7.25 now, then $10 is a $2.75 an HOUR raise. $10 is good.