shut out

SARAHK [pointing at the toothbrush dangling out of my mouth, walking toward the bathroom]: Oo ant oo aht inh eyen uh een eye eeh.
FRANK J.: What?
SARAHK: Oo ant oo aht inh eyen uh een eye eeh!
FRANK J.: I can’t understand you. What?
SARAHK [finally reaching the bathroom, spitting out the toothbrush water that I'd been hanging onto for five minutes while he held up the facilities]: You can’t do that while I’m brushing my teeth!
FRANK J.: Do what?
SARAHK: I walked out of the bathroom with the toothbrush in my mouth, and you walked in and took over the bathroom! You can’t do that when I’m brushing my teeth, and I can’t get to the other bathroom right now because the hall is blocked off!
FRANK J.: Oh. Sorry.


4 Responses to shut out

  1. Completely unrelated to this post, but do you have any thoughts on how Smallville ended this year? I won’t say anything in case you haven’t watched it yet other than, there may be some life left in this series yet.

  2. Brian the sailor

    Belly laughs :)

  3. Just one of the reasons we wanted to have a separate water closet in our bathroom.

  4. AlaskaNick