Has my blogging turned into just me writing conversations?


Such like that? No, nobody said so, I just noticed it when I was writing yet another one earlier. Anyway, I don’t suppose that’s gonna change any time soon. Maybe I’ll vary my style occasionally. Like this:

A minute ago, Frank called to me from the bathroom. “Sweetie, can you bring me some paper towels? I need to dry off.” He had been cleaning the paint stick. I don’t make him dry off with paper towels; I mean, I hate laundry, but not that much.

“Sure, I’ll be right there.” So I rushed through the bedroom toward the bathroom, and halfway through the bedroom, I realized that I had forgotten the paper towels. Sounds just like me. I spun on my heel without a word and started laughing as I rushed right back out.

Behind me I heard, “Good hustle.” Hey, I tried.

2 Responses to so.

  1. i don’t know, i like both ways of coversation writing…I’m usually laughing so hard because it’s something i’d do or my hubby would say that how you write it doesn’t really matter I’m just glad you do!!! SMILES :)

  2. Just (chuckle)
    Never let it be said I’m not eloquent.