fifteen days
too cool for school, too funny for my honey

For the record, yuck. I do not call Frank “honey,” nor do I allow him to call me same. We’re all about every other term of endearment in the book, but not that one. Anyway.

Frank keeps on hinting that I’ve done laundry in like… never. Whatever, dude. I’m busy, yo. So we just finished moving a ton of furniture to storage. Now all we have left to move over there are the TV and my chest (not that one, the one lined with cedar), which go tomorrow morning. And here we go with yet another round of the Frank J. / SarahK talky-talk.

FRANK J.: I’m gonna go take a shower now. But I don’t want to put these clothes back on, because they need to be washed [yes, we already discussed laundry like a half hour ago, I get it!]… So what should I wear?
SARAHK [hey, I've got my own life questions to ponder, husband! what the dealio?]: Um… [knowing that he can't just walk around neckid like I'd prefer, hubba-hubba, because we don't have blinds up on the giant livingroom windows yet]… Why don’t you just wear boxers and a white t-shirt or something? [Yes. I'm a genius. I can't even come up with the word "undershirt" right now, y'all. Fifteen days left of this gluten mumbo-jumbo. Fifteen days.]
FRANK J.: Why don’t you?!
SARAHK [ha! that's what he says when he wishes I wasn't so smart!]: Because I’m not you! Or a dork!

Buuuuuuurn. Again. It’s too easy, I know. I shouldn’t even take credit.

Postscript: He called me from the bathroom before he started his shower.

FRANK J.: Sweetie, I need a towel!
SARAHK: Are you already undressed?
FRANK J.: Yes.

HaHA! This was a win-win question for me. If the answer was no, I was going to follow up with, “Do you have legs?” but since the answer was yes, I was ON IT! Neckid man in the shower alert! So of course, I took a peek.

SARAHK: Here’s your towel, monkeyface.
FRANK J.: Thank you, sweet-sweet.
SARAHK [opening the shower door quickly]: NECKID MAN! SCORE!

Life is good in the house of J. Life is good.

4 Responses to fifteen days
too cool for school, too funny for my honey

  1. You two are riot! I love these SarahK/FrankJ dialogues!

  2. AH! My mind’s eye! Quick, an ice pick!

  3. Amanda, great! I have another!

    wb, i know, laundry is such a pain in the butt.

  4. ::patiently waiting for next FrankJ burning::
    (no offense, Frank, it just really IS easy with youse guys!)