Cardboard cuts hurt at least as much as paper cuts.

That is all.

6 Responses to PSA

  1. yes, yes they do. Did you get a band-aid so you don’t rub up against it often?

  2. nah, i’m about to shower, and shower bandaids are icky. the good thing is, i managed to get it on the back of my thumb, so i’m not hitting it often. there’s that, at least.

  3. Paper cuts are worse!

  4. Oh no, cardboard is worse. They are thicker and tear more.

    But something that doesn’t hurt much? Cutting a chunk out of your finger with a high-speed steel cutting wheel. That (expletive deleted) spins at over 10,000 rpm and simply melted my skin, nerves, and vessels. No blood, no pain, just a gash. Amazing, really.
    It has almost healed. I’m sure I’ll have a scar forever, but at nearly an inch long, it should have bled a lot.

    However, I always thought that if I really wanted to torture someone, it would be paper cuts followed by salt and vinegar.

  5. Here’s another PSA: I think the storm just knocked power out at my house. I’m basing this solely on the sudden disappearance of all our websites.

  6. Robert Cecrle

    Cardboard is bad, but posterboard/file jackets (is that what they’re called?) are the worse!