I do not know whose bright idea it was to make Arial the grand default font for all things Microsoft, but I’d hereby like it noted that that is the ugliest font in the history of fonts. I can hardly bear to read a spreadsheet that’s in Arial, much less work with one. If I’m having a hard time reading a spreadsheet, what’s the first thing I do? Switch the font from Arial. I hates it for my number stuff.

4 Responses to argh

  1. I agree that Arial is not the prettiest font, but it is a sans-serif font, which are easier to read on screen. Do you switch to another sans-serif font or to a serif font?

  2. i switch to Times New Roman, because Arial is very hard to read on screen. it’s ugly ugly ugly and makes me want to punch the monitor.

  3. Heheheheh. One of Emily’s Friday threads featured a bunch of people flipping off fonts – Arial, Trebuchet, a few others.

    For spreadsheets and stuff, I swap around between Rockwell, the newer Calibri, Sylfaen, and an occasional fixed-type font like Andale Mono.

  4. Funny thing is, Micro$oft’s default fonts are what did in Dan Rather and made blogs famous: if the fake Bush memo had been done in Courrier, no one ever would have questioned it!