SarahK’s Super-Awesome Creamy Chicken

By request of Serenity, who had this Super-Awesome dish at our house last weekend a couple of weeks ago, here is the “recipe” for the chicken I make most often, because it’s all tricked up to make it actually taste yummy. I don’t particularly like chicken, but Frank loves it, and chicken is cheap, and this chicken is, as the name suggests, awesome, so I make it often.


what you need:

Olive oil. Tbsp or two.
Chicken. We get Wal-mart’s breasts that specifically say “gluten-free” on the package and use two large breasts per meal.
Fresh garlic. We are garlic freaks, so I use at least half a pod, usually more, for just the two breasts.
Green onions. I use five or six for two large breasts.
Fresh Italian flat-leaf parsley. I use about a handful for two large breasts.
Fresh mushrooms (optional if you don’t like fungus).
Fresh thyme if you have it. Leaves from a few sprigs. Whatever. Just a little hint of lemony flavor.
Worcestershire sauce. I always check the label. French’s is gluten-free, last I checked, and I’ve never had a problem with it, and I love the flavor. Also, this week I bought Wal-mart’s brand, which specifically says it is GF on the label, and it might be the best-flavored Worcestershire I’ve ever had.
Regular whipping cream, somewhere between a cup and a pint, however much you want. Just check the label to make sure there are no funky glutenous additives (I’ve never seen any that was, but I check every label anyway). If you’re off lactose, I’m thinking you could leave out the cream and use white wine instead, and I’ve put white wine and worcestershire together in dishes often with yummy results. I’ve not yet tried tomatoes as a base with this type of dish.
Pine nuts (optional if you’re allergic or crazy).
Kosher or sea salt to taste (I’m sensitive to sea salt).
Cayenne pepper to taste (we likes the spice).

what you do:

Wash everything first or as you go, whichever you prefer. Start sauteeing the chicken in the olive oil in a deep skillet. Meanwhile, start popping & chopping the garlic (or press them if you prefer and have a garlic press — I actually love chopping garlic and love the smell on my fingers, so I usually chop, unless I’m in a rush).

Toss the garlic in with the chicken. Chop the onions and parsley and wash the fungus. Throw it all in with the sauteeing things. Make sure you’re stirring it all around and such. Pull the leaves off a few sprigs (four or five) of thyme, toss those in. Dash in several… um, dashes of Worcestershire sauce (we like lots, so I give it five or six good dashes and then throw in more later toward the end).

Add the cream; stir, stir, stir. Leave it alone while you do dishes or cut up fruit or make a side dish. Before adding the final touches, I cut up the chicken while it’s still in the sauce, because I give Frank more chicken than myself (it’s also how I know for sure that the chicken is done). Add salt, cayenne, and pine nuts a few minutes before serving.

Eat up.

6 Responses to SarahK’s Super-Awesome Creamy Chicken

  1. Yum, yum, yummmmm! I’m going to have to try this one.

    Is there gluten in those little packets of italian dressing mix? Probly is. :( I’d check but I don’t have any right now. I make a mean chicken dish with a packet of that dressing, a few bloops (that’s the technical term) of red wine vinegar, and a few more bloops of white wine. Dice and brown the chix, add the spices and liquid and cook until it looks done. Quick and easy, and very popular with eaters of all ages. Lol. I have personal experience with that.

  2. Do you realize how many times you said, “two large breasts”?


  3. Dang, Serenity beat me. It’s nice to know that someone else is a 12-year-old boy. Also, I’ll bet that brings you some interesting Google searches!

    Btw, can I say “crap”? Just curious, for future reference.

  4. “It’s nice to know someone else is a 12-year-old boy.”


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  6. I seriously need to try this recipe for dinner tonight! Thanks for posting it. I’ve been craving good Mexican food for a while.