mine’s cuter!

I know I said the other day that Rowdi would never ever be allowed on the furniture after having taken “Go to your room” to mean “Go to the sofa.” Yeah, that lasted all of twelve hours. Because the very next morning, I heard Frank say, “Don’t let Mommy see you.” I walked over to Rowdi, who was all comfy on the sofa (actually, the loveseat, but I call the sofa the couch and the couch the sofa, because it is a couch, and I can never remember to call it the loveseat), and I spoke very calmly to her. “Yes, well, once the livingroom is all clean [it's a disaster right now, because we just pulled everything out of the den so Frank can paint the very last room, and it's now my job to get everything all organized and filed and into storage or shredded], you won’t be allowed on the sofa anymore. So don’t get used to it. Because once there’s actually a place on the floor where you can sleep, you’re banned. ForEVER!”

It’s not true, though. She’s got those big, brown puppy eyes. Now, with children it will be different. They can talk back to me. Rowdi just looks at me. Children will invariably open their mouths and say something that will secure their punishments. Rowdi just stares and then grins like the big, dumb dog she is.

Anyway, Rachel Lucas posted a new picture of Sunny sleeping on the sofa [profanity in link]. Here’s Rowdi (in the chair), partially of Sunny’s rival breed. And, ahem, I must say, a tiny bit cuter than Sunny. Not by much, but a little bit, yes. Look at this face!

5 Responses to mine’s cuter!

  1. I DID! AND I’LL DO IT AGAIN! 3 SNAPS (or is it 4? i’m so white) IN A Z-FORMATION!

  2. “Im on ur chr

    dr00ln on ur lethrz”

  3. hahahaha. yeah, well, at least it cleans easy.

  4. whoops, my bad…let me say this again, with out swearing. ;)

    Sunny is WAY TOTALLY CUTER! Sunny wins hands down!