I got glutened. I have no idea how. I have a tiny headache but not much. I have nerve pain in my right leg. And I feel like I’m having seizures IN MY EYEBALLS. Yeah, I know, I’m a freak. But I checked every label before I cooked yesterday, and today we only had leftovers. I also had reduced fat Ruffles and Heluva Good french onion dip, both of which are supposed to be GF. I did break down and eat some of the Skittles I bought today (I’m gonna have to call Essay back and tell her I caved), and a few of them were harder than they should have been. Maybe there was something wrong with them, I don’t know.

And headline images in WordPress doesn’t want to work for me. I’m doing everything it says. It keeps telling me I don’t have fonts installed, but I do. RARR RARR RARR RARR RARR.

Ohhhhhh, my leg hurts.

Oh, here’s something interesting. I know it’s common for celiacs (which I’m supposedly not) to be hungry all the time after going GF. So far, I’m never hungry. The only reason I think about food is because I remember I have a husband to feed. I told Frank the other day that I just haven’t been hungry since going GF. Yesterday, when I realized it was 5 p.m. before I even thought about making his LUNCH, I told him that he will have to remind me about food if he wants to eat, considering that I’m currently just not thinking about food much for some reason (and I remember when I went GF in December for three months, I noticed no change in appetite). Frank, conversely, is hungry all the time. That is perhaps because his wife doesn’t feed him anymore.

So tonight around 9:00, Frank finally said to me, “You really aren’t hungry anymore, are you?” And I said, “Oh. No… I’m sorry, I forgot to feed you again. Are you hungry?” “Yeah, I’m kinda hungry.” “I told you that you’re gonna have to remind me to feed you now that I’m not hungry.” “Yeah, I’m just so used to you telling me a couple of times a day that it’s time to eat.”

That’s probably because I cook when I’m hungry. And it’s not as fun for me to cook when I’m not hungry. Huh.

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  1. call me paranoid, but I am sure you know about the scandal with dog food companies getting ingredients from China? As well as other pet foods, and toothpaste? Well, I think that could just be the tip of the iceberg. I have an American friend living in China (we are in the beauty business) and I buy items for my industry there, and I know enough to know they will do anything for money if you find the right company.(companies in Pakistan will stamp “made in Germany” if you want that stamped on items) What I am saying is how do you know the company that makes the onion dip or the potatoe chips didn’t buy some main ingredient from overseas and were lied to about the actual composition of the ingredients? These companies may not even be aware of this, but it is “possible” this is happening everywhere, the scariest to me is generic drugs. Just a thought, anyway…maybe there was gluten in one of these products.

  2. well, now that you’ve got me paranoid… :)

    seriously, i’m about as paranoid as people come, so it’s the exact kind of thing i would think.

    but the chips and dip i had the previous 2 or 3 days as well with no reactions. there’s not a single thing in the food i cooked the other night i can think of that it could have been. the only new thing was the skittles. i’ll wait a week or so before having those again and see if i react to them.

    i’m wondering if rowdi kissed me (i don’t let her kiss me on the mouth, but maybe somehow she got too close) or maybe i touched her face and then forgot to wash my hands. i do touch her face a lot, but i’m very diligent about washing my hands afterward, because she’s a dog, and i don’t touch dogs. but maybe i forgot once yesterday. i know her food is gluten free, and the cats’ food is gluten free, though. so that wouldn’t even make sense.

    so the only thing that makes sense is either something in the beef I used or the skittles (but the skittles have no gluten ingredients and even say gluten-free right on the package–of course, if they’re made in a facility that also processes wheat, that could do it to me, and the skittles people should list stuff like that on the package, but since that law doesn’t go into effect until January, people aren’t required to comply with it yet, which is one reason I do a lot of my grocery shopping at Walmart now–they early adopted and clearly mark anything that is GF “GF”).

  3. I am curious about one thing. How did Frank survive before you got married? Granted, I am quite a bit older than Frank, but I have learned how to make my own food when my wife doesn’t cook. I can give him some pointers if he needs help.

  4. he survived on 100% gluten. but he voluntarily, on his own offer, went gluten-free when i did, and i’m not sure he knows how to eat non-glutenous food without me. all he knows is that he can have mcdonald’s french fries and pretty much nothing else there. and he can have almost nothing at taco bell. he can have no chunky soup and no chicken pot pie, and those were his major evening meals before me.

  5. coincidentally, there’s a thing on Drudge about all this going on in China today…they even mention “candy” (skittles?) as one of the foods where problems were found (formaldehyde and other stuff). Check it out. You have to be your own diagnostician and doctor, unfortunately…but the more informed you are about every crazy thing the more info you have to “process”.

  6. Are you sure about the pet food being gluten free? One of the quotes from the article on Drudge is this:

    “Chinese wheat gluten tainted with the chemical melamine was blamed for dog and cat deaths ”

    referring to the pet food deaths over here. Just another “thought”!

  7. No chunky soup or chicken pot pies? Great googly moogly. I’d starve in a week. Poor Frank.

  8. Before I stopped eating wheat, I was hungry all the time and would feel like I had to eat (like a low blood sugar thing). Since I’ve stopped eating wheat, I don’t have to think about food as much either.

    And for some reason, eating leftovers bothers my digestion. Not sure why that is.

  9. Sarah,

    Any chance you used Canola in anything? Most everyone will tell you Canola is okay. I’ll flat out say, “No-way”. I know for certain i react from canola. I’m sure from cross contamination. I did a big ol’ test on canola. It failed me.

  10. I’ve never reacted to canola. Cross-contamination from the way it’s grown, you mean? i’ve never noticed any reaction, but then i’ve never looked for one either.

    lemme think. i hardly ever use canola in cooking. i almost always cook with olive oil. but yesterday, lemme thing. sauteeing potatoes and onions before the beef… yes, that would have been canola… except that sometimes i’m weird and use olive oil anyway. dangit, why didn’t i keep my food diary that day. it was probably canola that i used, but i can’t be sure.

    i will keep an eye on canola, thanks. i didn’t even know it was something to keep an eye on.

  11. The ruffles web site says the chips are made on a mixed line. I have had problems where a bag of corn chips is fine one night and the next night is a problem. Hubby is mostly GF so I have always figured that some of the chips got contaminated on the line. That said the ice cream I get is made on a mixed line but they say they clean it and I have never had a problem.

  12. The ruffles could be the problem. I don’t remember having a problem with them before. That sucks about ruffles, though. I’m off Doritos period because they’re made on the same line as wheat lines, even though they wash between. I’m not willing to risk it.

  13. I’ve been dealing with the gluten bug since late this morning. With my system, that’d mean that I got gluten for lunch yesterday. I ate gluten free Asian something rice noodle bowl that was labelled as gluten-free with some added frozen peas and an Enviga green tea drink.

    So sometimes I think the gluten lords slip it into my coffee or water.

    I dealt with it today by not having lunch today *lol*

    Boyfrriend suggested that I keep a food diary, but I gave that up about a year and half ago. It seemed the most random things were giving me problems and I gave up trying to keep track.

    It still sucks getting glutened.

  14. hi,
    my daughter has celiac (she is 8 yrs old) and i just had to write and tell you that she DEFINATELY reacts to canola also. she has had skittles also and i am sure had reaction from them. fyi – i was given a kosher passover guide and it said that canola was NOT safe for passover. if there is one source you can trust it is that. they are very strict for the passover holiday. i am not sure why but i have found it to be true. good luck.